Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming Soon

Yup, I know it's been a while, but I'll be back soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is a comment I found on today. It may be a bit lengthy, but every word had to be said to express my contempt for Obama's puppet A.G. . You've crossed the line Howard.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and other al Qaeda operatives will be put on trial in New York City civilian federal court. KSM, the mastermind of 9/11, is not an American citizen and never has been. Together with Osama bin Laden, KSM selected the 9/11 terrorists, arranged their financing and training, and ran the whole operation –from abroad. American and Pakistani intelligence forces captured KSM on March 1, 2003, in –Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Bin Laden had already declared war on the United States, and he remains free to this day.
Now, though, KSM and his co-defendants will enjoy the benefits and rights that the US Constitution accords to US citizens and resident aliens—including the right to demand that the government produce in open court all witnesses and accusers, including intelligence operatives, and all of the information that it has on them, and how they got it.
Trying KSM in civilian court will be an intelligence bonanza for al Qaeda and all hostile nations that will view the U.S. intelligence methods and sources that such a trial will reveal. Prosecutors will be forced to reveal U.S. intelligence on KSM, the methods and sources for acquiring its information, and his relationships to fellow al Qaeda operatives. The information will enable al Qaeda to drop plans and personnel whose cover is blown. It will enable it to detect our means of intelligence-gathering, and to push forward into areas we know nothing about yet which endangers all people world-wide.
This is not hypothetical. This is fact. During the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (aka the “blind Sheikh”), standard civilian criminal trial rules required the government to turn over to the defendants a list of 200 possible co-conspirators.
In essence, that list was a sketch of American intelligence on al Qaeda. It was delivered to Osama bin Laden in Sudan on a silver platter within days of its production as a court exhibit. Bin Laden, who was on the list, could immediately see who was compromised. He also could get a jump-start figuring out how American intelligence had learned its information and anticipate what our future moves were likely to be at that time.
Hence, the civilian trial of “the blind Sheikh” most definitely later resulted in assisting Osama Bin Laden, KSM, and their co-conspirators to plan and execute the successful attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 that resulted in the deaths of thousands of American citizens, American military personnel, and the destruction of two skyscrapers and part of the Pentagon. If not for the selfless sacrificial bravery of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, the destruction of our nation’s capital, or even the White House, would have been assured as well.
President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have to know this. How can they not know these things? But they are going forward with the civilian trial of KSM and his co-defendants in a civilian court in the USA anyways. They co-conspire to do this despite the grave danger of further death and destruction at the hands of terrorist’s and jihadist’s that the civilian trial will bring to American citizens, and the United States of America itself. Not to mention the judicial precedents and resulting case law that will tie up our courts and judges for years, and shred our Constitution, if KSM’s successful prosecution is already a ‘forgone conclusion’.
By going forward with this civilian trial of the mastermind of the most diabolical attack on America and American citizens at the hands of foreign enemies in history, they are directly responsible for all of the damage to our hard earned intelligence and our means of intelligence gathering that has, and currently still does, prevent further terrorist attacks in the US and abroad. The sacrifices of countless people whom have suffered and even died to keep America and our allies safe from further terrorist attacks since 9/11 will be for nothing.
By doing this, with knowledge aforethought and with specific intent, President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are directly endangering untold numbers of Americans on American soil, and abroad, and have also therefore declared themselves enemys of the state in the process.
As a law abiding tax paying American citizen, I now demand the arrest and incarceration of Attorney General Eric Holder and the impeachment and prosecution of President Barack Hussein Obama as co-conspirators and enemys of the state.
SilverStar830 on November 18, 2009 at 6:01 PM

Thank you SilverStar830 from .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day Of The Dark

The day I thought I would never see is here. Brett coming to Lambeau in dark pink. Traitor is the only word for him. The ONLY reason he is playing for East Dakota is he thinks he has a chance to get back at TT for not permanently sealing his lips up his ass. Ted don't play that game.
What ever happens, I hope the crowd at Lambeau boos him throughout the game. I hope they boo him so bad, and plant his ass in the tundra so many times, he has to do this again.

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 On Your Side

I see channel 5 (ABC - KSTP) has provided instructions incase any of the 'patriots of the greatest form' are confused. Ya know, I don't remember them doing that for any of the tea party protestors. Hmmm.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Chicago?

I'm sitting here watching em pitch Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I see them pitching a lot of great aspects of Chicago, almost none of which people visiting the Olympics will ever see. The wonderful diversity, charm and overall just nicey nice of Chicago.
I can think of a lot of midwest cities that would be much more deserving. Why not our own Twin Cities, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Bismark or, better yet, Rapid City? What better backdrop than the Mount Rushmore National Memorial? After the Olympics they could stick around for the rally in Sturgis. Really! Wouldn't that be a great taste of what America really is? Mount Rushmore and Sturgis? Really!
Oh good freakin grief. Mrs Obama is playing the, do it for my Dad who had ms and would have brought a tear to my hero's eye, card. You know, because of the Paralympic(sp) thing. Uh oh, here comes Mr Change. He just called his Wife a "big" selling point. He's talking about all the different hoods. Spose he's gonna talk about the 'southside' and some of their more (here comes the racist claims) colorful residents? Nope. He must have forgot.
Well, other midwest cities ain't gonna happen but I would really love to visit Rio. Chicago, not so much.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

McCollum And Ellison Team For Illegal Alien Children Prostitutes

Guess who voted to keep giving ACORN more of your money. Ellison you knew would vote crap like that, no matter what crimes ACORN is involved in. Now my Congresswoman has crossed the line into dipshittery.
In the last election, Betty McCollum was actually the lesser of two evils. At least I thought so. That was my vote. Which candidate would vote for less criminal actions than the other. I may have been wrong, as Betty has voted to keep dishing out millions, if not billions, of our money to the criminals at ACORN. Don't worry that ACORN would like to smuggle illegal CHILDREN from El Salvador to be used as slave prostitutes, that's all beside the point. Betty wants our money to keep going to Obama's pet community.
CHILDREN Betty!!!!! CHILDREN!!!!! That were promised abuse. Do you even understand what the hell you're doing? I don't think so. At least, I hope you're not understanding the consequences of your actions.
C'mon St Paul and burbs! Vote this scum out.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Why does Fox News Sunday have to put on such dispicable people? You know they could find some one more credible for the Left than Howard Dean.
Dean can NOT open his mouth without spouting at least one lie. The very first thing he says is that "polls show people want a government plan", when asked about healthcare reform. He said people want a choice between what they have now, and what people over 65 have. WTF
Along with those lies comes a now unconscious, automatic, abhorrent dig to the Republicans. About the health bill, he says Republicans aren't interested in putting together a bill and that we need to expaaaaaand public programs. Oh yes, and down with evil insurance companies.
While referring to the end of life coaching, he calls it death penalties and says there are no death penalties in the bill. (again) WTF I guess that's how he gets out of saying he didn't lie.
He believes that what we've been hearing from the townhall meetings are "strawmen set up by the Right." He believes that the Mesiah has given a strong clear message and the Republicans are trying to muddy the waters. The only mud here is between your ears Howwy. About the power the Left has for ramming a bill through he said, "if you don't use your majorities - you lose your majorities." I guess the 'bipartison' thing Obama always says he's striving for is kinda lost on the Dean of Dems.
Dean was asked about his statement at a townhall meeting that "The reason Tort reform isn't in the bill, is because THE PEOPLE THAT WROTE it didn't want to take on the trial lawyers, and that's the truth." He sidestepped that like the pro he is and said that if Tort were in the bill, it wouldn't get one Republican vote. WTF He says that O has worked closely with the A.M.A. and pharmaceuticals to put together this bill, and again, that polls show the bill and the Dems are in good shape. That shape.............flat. Is flat a shape? Maybe he was telling the truth about the A.M.A. because I did hear a lot of boos when he spoke to them.
The last thing he was asked about, by Chris Wallace, was Van Jones and his resignation. He feels Jones was railroaded out of town and that Jones didn't know what he was signing when he put his name to the Truther petition. You know, the one saying Bushy was behind killing over three thousand people on 9/11.
I gotta tell you, and you knew it was coming, I'm so grateful for the FOX cameras being in Iowa the day when (with Tom Harkin wetting his pants behind him) Howard the Dean said...."and then we're going to Washington DC and take back The White House." For those of you who haven't seen it lately, or just can't get enough of it, click on or copy/paste - (the symble after the capital V, is a zero) Enjoy

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Stupid To Live - One

No, not the scum that kidnapped the little girl, fathered two children with her and kept her captive for 18 years. I want that p.o.s. to live a long, long life of misery, distress and pain. Although, he certainly fits the catagory. I'm talking about local scum.
From kstp dot com. A St. Paul man is accused of ripping off his 4-year-old son's shirt and assaulting him for wearing a rival gang's color. FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON'S!!! 30-year-old Kenny T. Jackson (and I'm looking for his picture to post here) is charged with malicious punishment of a child.
The boy was hiding in his bedroom while Kenny was tearing up the house in a drug fueled rage. That's where he found the boy and ripped, RIPPED off his shirt. Police found scratches on him from the violent treatment. Kenny, of course, ran before police arrived, but they found him cowering in a car trunk like the coward he is.
I'm looking for a picture of him so people can recognize him on the street. He's a member of the Bloods (000000000000) and his son had a blue shirt on so he literally ripped it off the four-year-old's little body.
Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson (a.k.a. Kenny the Koward)
Remember that name. He'll probably be wearing red.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Toyota Owns Detroit

How sweet was that, when Vickers realized he had enough gas to cross the line? How sweet was it to see Brian in that Toyota and not that little pisser Kyle Busch? For the first time in Michigan International Speedway history, Toyota wins. Vickers not only won the Cup race on Sunday, but came in 2nd in the Series race Saturday AND took both poles.
From the onset it was betwixt Jimmy Johnson and Brian Vickers, but Chad Knaus screwed the pooch again. I thought Chad was a better crewchief than that, having done the same thing earlier this year at the SAME track and at (I think) Phoenix. Note to Chad - Jimmy is not good at saving Sonoco.
It was good to see that one of the better cars won in a fuel mileage race. Mileage is the only reason Junior got his 3rd place. He had a bad vibration and had to pit early, and with a yellow coming out and many not pitting, he was able to floor it when others had to save. That's the only reason he got in the top 15.
Not only is Toyota the reigning champion of the "big three's" Michigan, they brought in four of the top ten. The way it sounds, that "big three" might soon be the "big two," as Dodge had no comment on questions about their continuing support of NASCAR.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pack Preseason And Busch Deranged Syndrome

Nice way to start out the preseason. 17-0. Rodgers took the Pack down the field on two different drives of 9 and 7 plays for a 14-0 lead before hitting the sideline. It looked like Green Bay was in mid-season form and the Browns had just decided to get a few guys together for a game of touch. They keep this up and Mangini's second team will be his last.
Dom's new (to the Pack) 3/4 defense looked quite impressive. They pressured the Browns QBs all night and came away with 2 or 3 picks.
Once the second string got in there, it looked like last season's penalty madness was still around, but McCarthy will get on em about that. It is just the first preseason game though.
How sweet was it to see Busch get shoved down the track in his attempt at a last lap win. Vickers blocks him and he's all pissed off cuz he didn't let him win. He even pulled his car in front of Vickers to bitch at him after the race. Once Vickers got his gear off and got out of his car, the cry baby got behind his crew. How sweet it's going to be when he ticks off the wrong guy and he knocks the little bitch on his ass. Turns out Hendrick really knew what he was doing getting rid of that clown. He's had a thousand chances to win races, and almost always comes in second.(or 3rd Sat. night) Always cuz somebody didn't let him win. It's like Vickers said after the race. "I'm sorry....I didn't know it was the Kyle Busch show."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thai Transvestites, Whoo Hooooo

Ya, I know I haven't been keeping up to date here, but politics of late has been too depressing to even write about, the Pack's training camp has been slow, (finally the Raji deal is done) and until lately we haven't had a real Summer in Minnesnowta.
The political thing has been the worst. Great Leader running aroung the country telling lie after lie in hopes that if he tells them enough people will think they're true. No matter how big the whopper, he throws em out there. All he does to people with questions is to do his Elvis grin and make fun of them. He thought the lady worried her insurance wouldn't cover internal organs was a real hoot. I don't think that lady thought it was all that funny. He got a laugh out of it on his comedy tour though.
You've got other politicians calling people racist, nazis and hate mongers. Politicians that are all above us dumb citizens. Specter was one of the worst. Standing there, letting people sound off in front of him, and all he can say is, "there's democracy in action." Not even understanding what that person was saying.
This health reform debockle is just too frustrating. You've got such a complicating system with all kinds of hands in the cookie jar belonging to people and organizations that don't want to give up, or want a larger cookie. What to do? Let San Fran Nan and the Cript Keeper (Reid) throw up a more than 1000 page monstrocity with (as Krauthammer puts it) additional curlicued complexity — employer mandates, individual mandates, insurance company mandates, allocation formulas, political payoffs and myriad other conjured regulations and interventions — with the promise that this massive concoction will lower costs.
Can you see why a guy would just want to not think about it for a while? It's why I was so happy to see a real news story finally. Chinese Politicians and Thai Transvestites. Yup, that's right.
From Breitbart - Chinese officials on a "study visit" to Thailand have triggered outrage after photographs of them at a transvestite show were posted on the Internet.
In one of the photos published in the Beijing News Friday, an official from Luzhou town in the southwestern province of Sichuan is shown dipping into his pocket for money to give to a transvestite performer.
"Going to see transvestites in Thailand is normal, the problem is whose money they used to go!" one angry Internet user said in a posting.
Shit's gonna hit the fan now, as the Communist Party secretary of Luzhou promised to investigate the affair and said civil servants who had broken the law and regulations would be punished. And, I think when they say "punished", they ain't talkin waterboarding. I'll let'cha know if I hear anymore about this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attention Citizens: You Are Responsible For Your Actions

From now on, if you do something as stupid as going hiking along the border of a terrorist nation, after being warned NOT to repeatedly, you're on your own. Especially along a border that has been used for smuggling drugs, people and weapons for FREAKIN CENTURIES.
Iran is holding 3 Americans for Americans for illegally entering the country, and they are investigating whether to charge them with spying. I say, "charge em". Freelance journalist Shane Bauer, Sara Shourd and Josh Fattal knew there was a good chance they would be captured but thought they were above any silly laws of TERRORIST nations. From scanning Berkeley graduate Shane Bauer's website, he probably believes that Iran is the victim among Arab nations in the mid-east and would obviously see them for their compassion and understanding of their 'victimness.' Sucks to be you Shane.
Same should have been said for the two clowns captured by North Korea. Under no circumstances, should a current or former US President be made to kiss the boots of terrorist. Think of the message this sends to the pirates in Somalia and other scum sucking bottom feeder countries/terrorists. Now they know they can somehow get the US's attention to their international criminal activities. They know that under the Obama administration, they can get a reward for their crimes. Way to go Barry. And yes, you did have a hand in making President Clinton kneel before that fat little piece of shit.
This just doesn't go for international dipshits. This goes for 73-year-old women that have been repeatedly warned not to give dog food to the bruins that live near her home north of Ouray, Colorado. The 250 pound bear was killed for doing what bears do naturally........feeding. The bear was found feeding on this idiot because it knew food could be found there. The bear isn't the one that is supposed 'know better.' The one that is supposed to 'know better', got ate.

Did You See That?????

What the hell was that? That big blue blurr. I've never seen anything that big move that fast. It's an SEIU member, that's what that was. Usually you can't get a union member to move faster that an arthritic snail's pace, but just try to go up against one of their leaders (or stand in the way of the snack machine) and you'll see the blind, mindless zombies take flight. Just think how cheap and well made our American cars would have been if they built them with such intensity. We sure as hell wouldn't have needed a bailout for em.
People have had it with Great Leader's plan for healthcare/life span, so they are letting their elected officials know it. But wait one dog gone minute there. Messiah won't have dissent among the minions. No siree bobcat tail. You try that and he'll get on prime time tv to disspell any notion that his plan isn't what you must have. Unless he makes some kind of racist remark, then things will get a little sidetracked. But, after one of his life lessons, things will get rolling again.
More rumblings of malcontent? Dismiss it. Still more rumblings? Even louder? Sik the unions on em. Have em get it their faces. Why not? It worked in his campaign for King of the United States. Only this time, send a message. That message? Chicago style. That message.
And, so it was done in St Louis. A man handing out 'Don't Tread On Me' flags outside a townhall style meeting was knocked down in the street, beat and kicked repeatedly by goons from the SEIU. This is what it has come far. Our President getting involved with personal issues between police and his pal, and sending out hits on citizens. Not to mention his soliciting information on anyone that would dare speak out against his plans.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How To Spot A Rich Guy

Saw this over at anti strib. It's worth the go look see.

You're Still The One

That song comes to mind every time I see his picture. Which is a lot these days when you live in Minnesnowta. This is really some funny shit. The headlines all over town about Favre making a decision are killing me. "Rumors Rampant" Good freakin grief.
I've watched Favre do this for years. The first time he did this (when he still could make a difference) I knew the Pack wasn't going to let him go, and he would be in camp when most of the grunting was over. Things haven't changed because the Queens still think he can make a difference. Apparently the Aints aren't so sure, which is where he really wants to go.
How would you like to be Tarvarius (sp) knowing half your team was texting Favre begging him to play? That's gotta be a confidence builder. The dummies in the dome aren't much better knowing they are the red headed stepchild here.
I can see it now, when he finally makes his mind up. Standing there, looking down, arms crossed, swaying back and forth when he kicks at the dirt saying, "all right, I'll come play on your team." Like I said. It really is some funny shit and this is going to be another great season. I love seeing all those blue seats in the dome. LOLOLOL

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stupidly Is As Stupidly Does

On July 16th of this year Henry Lewis Gates Jr. returns from a trip abroad, only to find he has no way to get back into his home that he rents from Harvard. Finding no other option, he dicides to (as President Obama called it infront of a national audience) "jimmy" the front door. A woman, that is a neighbor, sees this and reports an attempted break-in to the Cambridge police.
Sgt. James Crowley was first to respond to the home the renowned black scholar. Gates was charged with disorderly conduct after police said he yelled at Crowley, who is white, accusing him of racial bias. Gates had refused to calm down after Crowley demanded he show him identification to prove he lived in the home. The charge was dropped Tuesday, but Gates has demanded an apology, calling his arrest a case of racial profiling. An apology from an officer that teaches a class on racial diversity on his own dime.
During Great Leader's Thursday night primetime special, he was asked about Gates' (who is a close friend of O) arrest. Messiah responded with "he didn't have all the facts, but I think it's fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry,No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And No. 3 -- what I think we know separate and apart from this incident -- is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."
What was "stupidly" was going beyond saying he didn't have all the facts, and that's just a fact. Crowly claims that he was just doing his job but that Gates continued to rant "that I was doing this because he was a black man in America, that I was a racist." Crowley said that while he was radioing in Gates' name to the dispatcher for record, "I couldn't hear myself say it. He was yelling that loud," Crowley said.
Patrolman Carlos Figueroa, the second officer on the scene, told The Associated Press that when Crowley asked Gates to present identification, the professor shouted, "No, I will not!" Figueroa said Gates called Crowley a racist and shouted, "This is what happens to black men in America!"
With Gates calling for an apology, the Cambridge area police unions voiced their support for Sgt. James Crowley and called for an apology from President Obama for his statement.
From, at an impromptu appearance at the daily White House briefing, Obama said he spoke with Crowley over the phone, and said he wanted to share a beer with Crowley and Gates at the White House."Because this has been ratcheting up and I helped contribute to ratcheting it up, I want to make clear that in my choice of words I unfortunately gave an impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sgt. Crowley specifically and I could have calibrated those words differently." Gave the impression? Calling their acts stupidly is an impression???
So there you have it. Even in the face of overwhelming facts, Great Leaders' ENORMOUS EGO will not allow him to do the right thing and apologize.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That Pesky Little Gang Thing

You probably heard that after only five days, the interim Metro Gang Strike Force was shut down by the head of the Department of Public Safety. Five Days! I would think somebody shutting down gangs would contribute to 'public safety'.
It was announced that the strike force commander Capt. Chris Omodt had resigned, when actually Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek recalled him. Stanek said he didn't want his office to have anything to do with the strike force.
The original strike force had been accused of mishandling seized money and cars, and when members got wind of the accusations they started shredding papers and tried to steal documents from their headquarters.
Once the interim strike force was assembled, public safety officials said there was a "lack of common vision"(wtf) what ever that means. Maybe it's just my thoughts, but isn't it up to their supervisors to lay out their 'common vision'?
All this while, (disclaimer) and I'm sure they're not the only ones, Somali gangs are on the rise in Minneapolis. In a ten month period, seven Somali men were killed. It's believed it was the work of Somali gangs. Police and Minneapolis leaders won't tell you but it is believed by Shukri Adan, a former Somali community organizer, that in 2007 there were between 400 and 500 young Somalis active in gangs like Somali Hot Boyz, the Somali Mafia and Madhibaan with Attitude.
So, what to do now? I'll tell you what. We rely on outside sources for what's going on here in Minnesota.
From, "a gang expert in California said economic and social factors are more likely to blame for the spike in gang activity than any spillover of violence from war-ravaged Somalia.
"When there's unemployment and poverty and lack of external support, there's gangs," said Jorja Leap, a social welfare professor at the University of California Los Angeles and former gang adviser to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department."
I guess we're going to have to rely on some strike force from California to resolve the problem here, as officials here aren't committed to or don't believe we need our own strike force. It kinda reminds me of officials back in the 1980s saying that gangs weren't here and we won't have to worry about that. It must be a California thing.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well Excuuuuuuussse Me

OUR, yes our, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said that U.S. consumers should pay for part of Chinese greenhouse-gas emissions. That's right. Because we are buying their poisonous products, we need to be taxed for all the smoke they push out of their smokestacks.
This from - “It’s important that those who consume the products being made all around the world to the benefit of America — and it’s our own consumption activity that’s causing the emission of greenhouse gases, then quite frankly Americans need to pay for that,” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.
You read right. WE are the cause of the pollution THEY emit.
Ed Morrissey believes that WE WILL PAY for our evils one of two ways. Either we will make madcap and traitor more expensive or we will put huge tariffs on imports.
I thought Great Leader apologized for all our evils to all the countries abroad, but I was mistaken. WE NEED TO PAY.
Now that I think about it, I may be a victim as well. You see, I'm in the midst of putting a new stormdoor on our house. The instructions are impossible to follow. (yes, I am reading the instructions. sorry guys) Stamped on the box, 'Made In China'. The mental strain and agony that I'm going through, could be detrimental to any one or anything around me....thus rendering me
innocent of all my actions. Who's to fault if I go berzerk with an ax on the side of our house? Let's take a look.
I'm not sure who made the door that was originally installed on the house, so I can't go after them. Plus I sent the door off with the garbage. You know, come to think of it, recycling or destroying/dumping the old door is going to cause emissions so I need to pay for that.
Now, my Wife drove me to Mennard's to buy the door. That trip and back caused emissions I NEED TO PAY FOR. Mennard's had to have personnel at the ready to help me find and purchase the door. That caused emissions for those people to get to work and who do you think should PAY FOR THAT? I think you know who. How does Mennard's light the place? That didn't grow on a tree so it caused emissions.
The door and all it's parts were made in China so if I hadn't needed the door, those emissions never would have been emitted. Evil, evil Us citizen. I MUST PAY.
Now maybe you're getting the drift of all the pollution I've caused, so of course I MUST PAY.
Okay, so I've gone bezerk on my house and the police have hauled me away (causing more emissions) to the nuthouse. Who do you think is gonna pay for my stay there? It ain't free ya know. Now YOU NEED TO PAY for my sedatives.
Ya know, I think I'm getting the hang of these Obamanomics. What didn't get hung is my door.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why They Practice

Turns out not all the missiles fired by the Russians lived up to expectations. The two missile firings I posted about yesterday were of the less advanced Sineva missile. Those sneaky Ruskies have been testing the more advanced Bulava though. Seven out of eleven tries failed with the new and improved version, so more practice is in order.
Even with the low rate of successful Bulava firings, the Russians believe it will be capable of penetrating our missile defense and is a key part of the military's future nuclear arsenal. That must be why Great Leader might decide not to protect Poland and the former Czech Republics. You know, cuz Putin can get through our defense anyway. What a smart, smart leader.
A military official said the failures were due to the government rushing to overcome US developments in defense technologies. hmmmm. You think he meant the ones that Barack said he wants to dismantle? The ones that, if the Russians learn to penetrate we will be unable to reassemble or redevelop? Those technologies and defense weapons?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuck Your Head Between Your Knees

Russia is doing it. Twice in the last two days, Dmitry (actually Vlad) fired a strategic missile from the nuclear submarine Briansk. Nikolai Makarov, the head of Russia's general staff, said "the launch was a success according to all the parameters." The missile that was fired has a range of 5,580 miles. Quite the delivery system. Something President Obama has pinky promised with Medvyedevadev to depleat in our arsenal.
Even the French are doing it. According to, France remains committed to maintaining its defense budget and pursuing its mission in Afghanistan despite the pressure caused by the economic slowdown, President Nicolas Sarkozy said. This while Great Leader is working on a plan to get the hell out of Afghanistan. France will be investing 377 billion euros ($527 billion) in new gear for its armed forces over the next 12 years in order to maintain and improve their capacity to take on 21st-century conflicts. Not a paltry sum by French standards.
Sarkozy said, "we are not going to allow the return of the Taliban, who cut off the hands of young girls who wore nail varnish, who decided that girls couldn't go to school, who shut up women in the burka, who stoned so-called adulterers. We can't allow that," Seems quite honorable to me.
On the other hand, take a look at what the US is doing under the leadership of the greatest community organizer evah. This from the Center For Security Policy.
The nuclear arsenal that has been built up over the last 64 years in America, has kept us all safe. Just by it's being, rogue nations throughout the world have discarded their ambitions of dominating their neighbors, if not the world. All that, and now Mr Obama wants to throw it all away for his obsession (and it is an obsession) of a nuclear free world. Ahhhhh. Can't you smell the daisies?
Now, President Obama wants us to permanently end all nuclear testing by ratifying the unverifiable (yes - UNVERIFIABLE) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). Testing that the Ruskies have been doing with vigar to this day. 'O' also dismisses that the Senate rejected this 'idea' over a decade ago.
Grab all the rocks you can find and sharpen all your sticks. Soon, that's all we'll have available to defend ourselves.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pelosi's Camo

What better cover for Speaker Pelosi than a former Vice President Dick Cheney scandal?
Of course the Dems don't want to make a big deal of Pelosi's accusation that the CIA lied to her about the use of torture in 2003. By her not answering any questions about it from the press and a trip overseas, she had hoped it would just fade away. Well, it didn't.
Time to go to plan B. The libruls usual m.o. is to divert the attention to some one else. Who better than Deadeye Dick, I mean, other than Governor Palin?
On Sunday, the New York Times reported that Cheney and the CIA devised a secret counterterrorism program. Not only that, Cheney reportedly told the CIA to keep it secret from Congress. It was supposedly a plan to kill or capture al Qaeda operatives. You know, the ones we're at war with.
Turns out CIA Director Leon Panetta just remembered the program and reported it to members of the House and the Senate Intelligence committees. Of course Leon terminated the plan as soon as he heard about it. All this after he had earlier told them that the CIA had never engaged in obfuscation with Congress following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. hmmmm
Horrified by this development, San Fran Nan immediately notified the House Intelligence Committee that an investigation should promptly get underway. Via The Hill, “I think that it behooves the committee to take whatever actions they believe are necessary to get more information on that subject as to whether the intelligence community was directed by the vice president to create a program and intentionally withhold that information from Congress. And further, if these same intelligence community people were asked, ‘Is there anything else we should know?’ whether they said yes or whether they said no,” Pelosi told reporters.
Yup, Nan is behoovin like crazy in hopes that her lie to cover her own screw-up goes away with this in the news. If the digging really digs, Nancy just might take Leon down with her.

Mass Migration From Wisconsin to Utah

Highways are overloaded with cars, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles and lawnmowers as 'former' Wisconsin residents take what ever means of transportation they can to get to Utah.
Seems some clown claims he was thrown into a red pickup and forced to drink beer. The 'anonymous' victim was found by somebody walking across Legacy Highway near Centerville on Saturday morning.
The man told police that he had been kidnapped three hours earlier. He said that when he parked his car near his home, two Spanish-speaking men threw him in the truck, put a bag over his head and bound his hands and feet with a wire clothes hanger. (so we know it wasn't Mommy Dearest) The assailants reportedly put a gun to the man's stomach, tolded him not to sell his drugs in the area, forced two beers down his throat, untied him and threw him out on the road.
It is guessed that the reason for the beers was so authorities would suspect he was just drunk and made up the story.
If this guy's story is true, the kidnappers weren't exactly rocket surgeons. Two empty beer cans and a mangled wire hanger were found along the road.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Danger Danger Danger Will Robinson

Seems Great Leader wants to review our nation's multicolored terror alert system . He's got Janet on it, putting together some kind of panel (probably one of those 'blue' ribbon panels) to decide whether or not it will stay or it will go.
Apparently some "critics" believe that the current system is too vague to deliver enough information to be useful.
Word has it that the new and improved alert chart will be made up of shades of blue, while the radicals in the know are pushing for shades of green.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

90 And Counting

Here we go again. 90th season folks, though the Pack actually goes back much farther. August 1st marks the start of the practice schedule with all our free agents signed, five of our draft picks and Jennings with a long term contract.
Crosby better get his act together with a 26th place ranking from last year. He wasn't the only reason for a losing season last year, but three kicks could have changed a 7-9 season to a division winning 10-6. A missed 52 yard game-winner against Minnesota, a 38 yard game-winner blocked in Chicago and a 53 yarder missed against Atlanta (we lost by 3) could have made a world of difference. Granted he wasn't the only reason for a bad season, with Rodgers not sealing the deal on a couple occasions and a less than stellar defense that put the Pack in those situations, but it is one position where we need a drastic turnaround.
And what about that qb situation for the guys in dark pink? Waiting and waiting for a decision from Brett. Where have I heard that before?
Here we go Pa-ack, here we go. Here we go Pa-ack, here we go.

Perpetual BDS

From the NationalReviewOnline.
Justice, Obama/Holder Style [Andy McCarthy]
Binyam Mohammed: jihadist plotting mass-murders against American cities — released outright.

Laith Qazali: abduction/murder of 5 U.S. soldiers in Karbala — released outright.

Irbil 5: Iranian IRGC operatives (i.e., the same guys who murdered 19 of our air force at Khobar Towers in '96) coordinating Iraqi terrorist operations that have killed HUNDREDS of U.S. forces in Iraq since 2003 — released outright.

New Black Panther Party operatives on videotape intimidating anti-Obama voters — charges dropped after DOJ had already won the case.
CIA Interrogators who obtained information that saved countless American lives — under investigation.

Bush officials who deliberated over national-security policies that prevented another 9/11 (many of which the Holder/Obama DOJ have defended in court and, however inadvertently, in Congress) — under investigation.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Manners Please

Mr Obama, if you can not control your children on visits abroad, they should be left at home in school where they could possibly be taught manners.

You and your family now represent all American people at all times. I would appreciate discretion in your and your family's conduct at all times.

Your family is not to be used as a billboard whether the message in question is yours or theirs. What's next? Paid advetisements?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Actually, .995 millionaire. Gary Staton has taken Nebraska for $600,00 in foodstamps and $100,000 in Medicaid. Nebraska has been paying this p.o.s. to breed for nearly 18 years. Then what does the ungrateful bastard do? He dumps the fruit of his loins off for the state to finish raising, then goes out to breed some more.

You see, Nebraska had a Safe Haven Law that allows 'people' like Staton to dump their children off on the state up to the age of 18. Staton has nine children from 1 to 17 and he dumped all of them.

Now, Staton has informed his dumped kids (which he is allowed to have a relationship with) that he is expecting to become a daddy again with Gail, his new girlfriend. He even showed them the ultrasound picture. That had to be a real Kodak moment.

Nebraskans aren't about to take this sitting down, so what do they do? Why, State Sen. Mike Friend said this "speaks to an inherent problem in our society" and SUGGESTED that the Omaha man undergo COUNSELING. That'll learn him."I don't know what to do about a guy like that," Friend told "I wish I had the ability to be able to figure it out and say, 'Hey, here's the answer.' This is clearly a troubled guy." (ya think?)

Since Gary's big dump the state has changed the law to read children under the age of 30 days.

So with those stern words and a warning of counseling, Gary went off to make more babies. Oh, that ultrasound he showed his's of twins. Isn't that lovely. I wonder if Gail is having a baby shower.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm off to Wisconsin for a couple days. I'll be celebrating Independence Day (and Cynthia McKinney being in a Israely jail) with my Daughter's family and friends. Never forget why, and how we can do this every year.

Midget Killing Hookers

What's the world coming to when a couple of midget wraslers can't get a little (no pun intended) strange. Especially when it's bought and paid for.
via FOX News - MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities say two professional wrestlers found dead in a low-rent hotel in the capital may have been drugged to death by female robbers.
Autopsies are being performed on La Parkita or "Little Death" and Espectrito Jr. as two women were seen leaving their hotel room and hooker gangs are known to drug their 'johns' (or joses).
Maybe things would have turned out better had the hookers been in Amsterdam. That's where the city council is turning its attention to a pressing problem for one of the city's key business sectors -- banking and credit for prostitutes.
In a kind of clean up project, the city council has been asked to find a way to help bordello owners and sex workers gain more access to banks.
I'm thinking Latina workers might be quite the hit over in Sweden, and I'll bet the locals haven't been exposed to the high flying fast action of midget wrestling. Seems like a win-win to me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oooh Jeeeezzzzzze!!!

I can hear Archie Bunker now. OOOh jjJJJeeeezzus! Jasaun (Jay) Boone, from the Red Star and Sickle, wants to ask Frankenslime...."what would Paul do?" He wants the new Senator* from Minnesota to be even more dopey than he is now.

To Boone, Pauly is "revered" and "embodied a rich tradition and mystique with respect to embracing progressive public policy and social agenda." (again, Archie Bunker) He believes that the Senate seat "belongs" to somebody that is more "empathetic" than Normy.

Jasaun thinks the new Senator* elect won the election because of the grass roots effort to elect a "voice for the voiceless" to Congress. I guess he didn't notice the overwhelming push for Demacrats in this state, bolstered by the Messiah, and the 'so called' Independents voting for Jesse's little buddy.

Don't get your frillys in a bunch Booney. I'm sure the Senator* elect will have the 'conscience of a liberal, so to speak. There's no doubt that the meathead is a socialist's socialist.

Hey! Here's an idea Jay. Maybe you can record a bunch of Al's greatest hits, and the Senator* elect can hand the casette tape to Joe during his swearing in. (cue Archie)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now The Fun Begins

Fittingly it's a gloomy, cloudy day in the land of 10,000 librul reasons we're going down the tubes. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today that Franken won the U.S. Senate election and said he is entitled to an election certificate that would lead to him being seated in the Senate.
Governor Pawlenty said he would sign Franken's certificate of election, so it appears this POS is on it's way to DC.
I may as well go find his website and add it to my "buddy" list. I'll probably be wearing out a cyber path to the dipshit's computer.
This is one for the voters in this state. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU???
(side note) Blogspot won't let me put Franken in the label section down below, opting for Frankenslime. Honest. I kid you not. I guess even puters know.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

NOOOOooooooo! Why Why Why.......

Infomercial King, Billy Mays, was found unresponsive by his Wife at their Tampa Florida home this morning. He was born William Mays in McKees Rocks, Pa., on July 20, 1958.

(h/t FOX news) Mays was on board a US Airways flight that blew out its front tires as it landed at a Tampa airport on Saturday, reported.
US Airways spokesman Jim Olson said that none of the 138 passengers and five crew members were injured in the incident, but several passengers reported having bumps and bruises, according to the station.
Authorities have not said whether Mays' death was related to the incident.

His ubiquitousness and thumbs-up, in-your-face pitches won Mays plenty of fans. People line up at his personal appearances for autographed color glossies, and strangers stop him in airports to chat about the products.
"I enjoy what I do," Mays told The Associated Press in a 2002 interview. "I think it shows."

What I worry about now is, are we going to be subjected to more and more of the Sham-Wow guy. He's an instant (and I mean instant) channel changer. Unless it's misnews, I will watch anything before going through one of his commercials. Not so with Billy Mays. I didn't find him annoying, so even if I've seen the commercial a thousand times Iwatched it. Sometimes even savored it.

At only 50 years of age, Billy has gone far too soon. As a late late night tv viewer, I will miss the great, the one and ONLY, Billy Mays.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

T.G.I.F. (and for Farrah, Sanford and Michael Jackson)

Ah yes, soon it's date night. This week has been a real bitch. Great Leader probably thought the week would never end. What with that auto industry thing. You remember? Doubling up on the agencies? Come on. It hasn't been that long ago.
We got that new 2nd Car Czar this week, along with another agency. First we had the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. Along with that, we now have the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers. Doesn't that assure you that we have all the bases covered?
Then we had those pesky Uighers. We got the first batch moved to Bermuda. Oh what a media nightmare that almost became. Now some of em don't want to go to Baloa, Bolao, Below, Blow or whatever that island is.
Seems some of that damn media was snooping around and found out Judge Sotomayor was more of a racist than previously thought.
The One probably thought this week would be a good one to quietly reestablish diplomatic ties with Syria and Venezuela. Ya just cant's have enough dictators and terrorists to support.
This week somebody noticed we're spending less and less of the porkulous money. You know, the money we had to get out there. No time to read the bill because America needed the money NOW. Well, seems you need a crowbar to pry open Messiah's checkbook. US is distributing about half the money it was a month ago. Remember a couple weeks ago when he said we're going to ramp the spending up?
Who can forget our pal in North Korea. Kimmy's little tug boat, Kang Nam 1, is floating it's way to Myonmar or where ever. Maybe with a nuke, but problaly not. Looks like all that tough talk from the White House meant nothing again. It appears we're not going to enforce that 'almighty' UN resolution. Who saw that one coming? Uhboma seems to have gone weak in the knees when Kimmy threatened to "wipe out US aggressors" with a "fire shower of nuclear retaliation." Maybe should have called him at 3 a.m. about that one.
Did you happen to catch that press conference on Tuesday? That coulda been one of those Nixon debate moments if the Prez weren't such a Joe Cool. Since when does the President of the United States do commercials for a blog? Way to get your plug in there Arianna. Too bad Major Garrett had to harsh his rhythem with a real question. That's how we found out he's been "apalled" and "outraged" all along about that darn Iran thing. We just didn't notice the message sublety coming from his statements. That whole Neda thing was just awful. Can't you just feel him?
Time for state run media on Wednesday. No, were not talking Hugo in Venezuela. We're talkin Barack in the USA. That big "debate" on healthcare didn't quite draw the people he hoped for. Seems a rerun of CSI-NY beat him out. Seems he came in last with the dino networks. Good thing though, cuz he kinda got tripped up when it came to the old folks. Under Obamacare Gramma isn't going to get that knee replacment because "evidence shows it's not necessarily going to improve" her health. Whoops! He also forgot to mention that, according to the CBO, it's going to cost 4 trillion smackerooneys. Those pesky facts.
We also learned we're going to have left over weinies on the 5th of July. None of those Jew hating Iranians are coming for our Indepence celebration. Wouldn't that be kinda iranic?
I'll bet the One had to drop to his knees to thank Allah for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford cheating on his Wife. As long as he's down there, thanks had to be given for Farrah and Micheal Jackson grabbing some headlines. With all that going on, ABC, CBS ans NBC just couldn't find the time to let people know that the, arguedly, most important bill (to us) would be debated in Congress Friday. You know the one about that 1,200 dollar stamp I'm going to buy next year?
Time for a LUAU!!!!!!!!!!!
All that comotion also covered up that nasty thing about firing Inspector General Gerald Walpin. He's the INDEPENDENT Inspector General pushing for further investigation into one of Great Leader's pals and AmeriCorps. Gosh darnit. It also didn't hurt to help cover up the news that Representative John Conyers Wife, Monica, just plead guilty to taking bribes. Uh oh!
All is well now though. It's the weekend, Congress went on vacation, tomorrow is date night and all that nasty hubbub will be long gone with America's attention span and another news cycle.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Battle Lost

Seems public opinion means less and less these days. By 52% to 46%, more Americans disapprove of the new law expanding the federal government's power to regulate the manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products.

All the numbers I'm about to give out are from a Gallup Poll, conducted June 14-17.

The question was asked - Do you approve or disapprove of the new law that gives the federal government power to regulate the manufacturing and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products? When it came down to smokers, only 28% approved where 69% disapproved. (not too surprizing) Of nonsmokers it was much closer. 50% approved of the new law and 48% disapproved.

As a nonsmoker for over 2 years now, I'm in that 48% that disapprove. In this day and age, if you don't know smoking is bad for you, you are just too stupid. Jobs and livelihoods have been lost far too often. The nanny laws in place will never be reversed at this point, but they could be changed. Why not allow 'bars only' allow smoking? If they don't want to be around it, an adult should be able to make the decision to not go in a building where people might be smoking.

How many people working in a bar, that use that job to support their family and can't be or don't want to be around smoking, couldn't find a comperable job elsewhere? Take that number of people versus the family business' that have been lost, the jobs lost in those bars and the smoke shops closed down along with those employees.

Look at the small towns across the country, or just here in Minnesota, where the bar is the only business in town. Look at the small neighborhood bars that have been there for 40, 50 years or maybe a century. Sometimes those are the only gathering places for people that otherwise wouldn't socialize.

Another number coming out of this poll is 17% want it to be illegal to smoke anywhere in the United States. Anywhere! Unfreakin believable! Some one resting in a leather chair in Washington D. C., doesn't want some one on a small Pacific island (US territory), sitting on a large rock, overlooking a wide open ocean to lean back and relax with a fine cigar.

Part of America's culture is being taken away and in most cases, it's not what we people want. This isn't going to cause the downfall of America, but it hurts, and no one in D.C. or St Paul is listening. All because people in places of power need to justify the existence of their position or their existence in a political party.

Just as I started writing this, President Obama is on the news signing this new law. We've lost another battle.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Here we go with another Hallmark holiday. My family, pretty much, knows that anything Packers will be a hit with me, but there are those times when they forget, don't have time or (worst of all) think I have enough Packer stuff.
How many of you got that underwear repair kit? It might be better than a lot of the usual gifts like ties (especially the cartoon ties), the all in one tools you never find a use for, the World's Best Dad hat, tie, ribbon, mug, trophy etc., etc., etc. How bout that bottle of Old Spice? You can add it to your collection you keep in a box out in the garage. Any one get that home made coupon? Any one collect on that coupon?
Some of these gifts are given (somewhat) subconsciously. You know the ones. The ab rollers, nose hair trimmers and odor eaters. Okay, maybe not subconsciously. That bottle of Old Spice could even fit into this category.
Then there is the 'get to busy' gifts. Those include the lawnmower (if it's a push mower), the shovel, rake or even that screen door you've been thinking of getting around to.
Next is the 'damn, it's Father's Day today' gifts. Those include the 3 pack of smokes, card from the 24 hour gas station, flowers from said gas station or the ever popular lottery tickets. Unless it's a hundred of em, forget the last one, and I quit smoking over two years ago.
Lastly are the ones that really piss me off to get. You know the ones. The 'on the Wal Mart list' gifts. Those are the underwear, socks, shirt or the tie again. You hated those as a kid, what makes people think you like em forty years later?
One year my Wife, Daughter and Son thought it would be fun to take Dad fishing. They didn't know where or what for, but we were going fishing. At that time I hadn't been fishing in years, so nobody had the appropriate gear. That was quite the fiasco. Oh, I didn't mention my Wife was squishy about baiting her hook, (she's a pro now) as was my newly teen Daughter and four year old Son. Oh boy! We fished on the shore of a semi popular lake, so the crowd on Father's Day wasn't too bad. I think I got my line in once all afternoon. When I got a bite, some one else had to reel it in as I was busy baiting a hook other than mine. That's the day that is referred to as the day I went baiting. It's better than calling it the Father's Day from hell. We never went baiting on Father's Day after that.
I found these gift ideas over at Funny or Die dot com.
1. Homemade coupon for ineffective backrub
2. Coffee mug reading 'World's Most Secretively Muslim Dad'
3. DVD box set of 12-hour Ken Burns documentary 'Cream of Wheat'
4. Microsoft's Zune Phone 3G
5. Novelty card of fat people fucking
6. Twenty crates of 'Ron Paul '08' bumper stickers
7. Build-A-Bear designed to resemble child's cooler, wealthier stepfather
8. Steely Dan LPs from the den
9. A shout-out from son during his acceptance speech at Tony Awards
10. Felt-covered shit statue
11. Lethargic handjob from Mom
12. Relocation to cheaper nursing home
So things could be worse.
This year my holiday is turning out pretty darn good. My Wife is fast asleep, as she works tonight. My Son called me from D.C., so we had a good long chat about absolutely nothing important. He works at a consevative thinktank out there, so we have a good time slamming libruls. I'm dvring a NASCAR race for later tonight, with popcorn of course. Later this week I'm going across the river, out to Wisconsin, to celebrate a belated Father's Day with my Daughter, Son inlaw and their six offspring. I think that makes for a darn good Father's Days. Thanks Hallmark.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's It Going To Take?

What's it going to take Mr President? North Korea has a rocket aimed directly at Hawaii. They want to fire it on our Independence Day. The 4th of July!!! You know their history of creating havoc on our holidays.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he has ordered the U.S. military to take defensive measures should North Korea attempt to fire a ballistic missile toward Hawaii. He has also said that “I think we are in a good position, should it become necessary, to protect American territory.” You THINK??? WTF??? Our Defense Secretary thinks we're in a good position. I want a DS that KNOWS we are in a good position. A good position is to see those missiles in piles of rubble.
Intelligence analysts do not believe the device, a Taepodong-2, would be capable of hitting Hawaii's main islands, which are 4,500 miles from North Korea. It is believed (believed???) to have a range of 4,400 miles. The survivors of the bombing of Pearl Harbor will be glad to know that our President and Defense Secretary "think" and "believe" they will be safe.
Protesters in Iran are risking their lives for just a little scrap of independence, but our President doesn't want to publicly support them because he doesn't want the US to be the issue. My belief is he doesn't have a freakin clue as to what might happen and doesn't want to be on the wrong side.
What should happen is the President should stand up and proclaim his allegiance to the people of Iran that are fighting for freedom. I don't think the people at GQ would be too upset with him if he did.
Both, Iran and North Korea, have made huge strides in their nuclear programs in the short time the O has been in office. What's he done about either? He's gone overseas to tell them that's naughty and to honor their culture. That didn't stop em. He's gotten an agreement from other nations that if NK tries to ship nukes, or nuclear stuff, we're going to tell them to pull over so we can check their cargo. And if they don't, we're going to be really, really mad. All that stuff they're flying all over the world, and all that stuff they're moving through China, well, we're not going to do anything about that......but we're going to be upset.
Both countries have fired test missile after test missile without more than a nastygram from Great Leader.
Israel has done what they could to stop the spread of nuclear weapon technology to threatening countries, (ala that big hole in the ground in Syria) of course with a cautious gaze from the US. They wanted to go in to blow Iran's program sky high but Bushy/Messiah wouldn't have any of that. How dare they protect their existence?
These are just two of the terrorist enabling countries that will do anything they want to bully freedom loving, or weak countries around. These are just two countries that should have been taught lessons, right from the beginning, that aggressions on other peoples will not be tolerated.
That's all over and done with now, as far as Iran and North Korea are concerned. They are quickly reaching the point of no return. That point, as of yet, hasn't been determined. What point is that? What will it take, Mr President, for you to grow a pair?
Oh, did I mention we're making huge cuts to our military, especially our missile defense?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

44 Of 77 Wasn't Graduating 8th Grade

I couldn't even find a place to start with this story other than to just put it out there.
A startling number of children are falling through the cracks at one Chicago Public School. More than half of the kids didn't even pass the eighth grade. As CBS 2's Jim Williams reports there is fierce debate about who's to blame.
Tatianna Dennis' son, Tarrell, took his eighth grade photo complete with cap and gown, but the day before his grammar school's graduation, Tarrell learned he would not be marching down the aisle. "I asked him why but he was so heartbroken, he couldn't really talk. She "had no idea her son was about to fail English." "Especially now, when I need the help the most, with situations like this," Dennis said. "And there's nobody but me."
"It was something that child must not have been doing right in order for him to stay behind," said parent Sharon Shavers.
Loetisis Billingsley's nephew is one of those failing students. "It's horrible because these kids were under the impression they were graduating, and they let them know at the last minute that they wasn't," Billingsley said.

Ah Yes, For The Arts

Here they go again. Taxes that is. They're going up juuuust a smidgen. Nothing for you to worry about. You won't even notice it. Nothing to see here, move along. It's only a 0.375 percent general sales and use tax increase. You voted for it and it'll only last tmfvmpfh years. How many years? tmfvmpfh. All right....TWENTY FIVE YEARS. But, in twenty five years it'll be dropped....right? (I crack myself up sometimes)
The rate will increase from 6.5 percent to 6.875 percent. Not a big deal, right? Considering it's for protecting drinking water sources; protect, enhance and restore our wetlands, prairies, forests and fish, game and wildlife habitat; preserve arts and cultural heritage; support parks and trails; and protect, enhance and restore our lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater.
Hold yer horses. Haven't we already allotted money for all those things in our budget? Why, yes we have. Haven't we already raised our taxes for all those things in recents elections? Why, yes we have. That sounds like a recent campaign slogan. Yes it does.
Who gets to decide how much of that money goes to prairies, how much goes to trails and how much goes to preserve arts and cultural heritage? No one, that's who. It's not like this money is kept seperate from the other incoming taxes. It's all thrown into one great big pile. That's right. It's all in a big pile in the deep, deep recesses of the Capital building. Whenever people representing those factions want some money, Maggie Kelliher grabs her scoopshovel and heads for the basement. Well, sometime last summer, she went down there to load up her wheelbarrow for a real fancy schmancy drinking fountain and actually found the bottomless pit empty. Not to dismay, she knew what to do. That is why we voted her in, right?
She ran down the halls of the Capital screaming "our drinking water, our drinking water." Apparently it worked because our little elected officials put their heads together, in a bipartisan way, (I really do crack myself up) and decided we needed to raise taxes. They knew taxpayers wouldn't go for raising taxes just for a fountain so they had to make it sound earthy or for our health or for the little guy.
That's how they came up with this latest tax increase. The people in Southwestern Minnesota, from where I grew up, are really going to put this money to use. That little town with a bar/diner, community center and grain elevater will really thrive once this money starts flowing. They will be so happy they voted for their new cultural heritage prairie fountain.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Kingdom For A Prius

I just got done watching another dissappointing race at four in the morning. (I haven't watched a live NASCAR race since VCRs sold for under 650 bucks)
I hate watching mileage races. The two best cars ran out of gas on the last lap and Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon come in first and second respectively. I don't mind so much seeing the #5 win but can't stand it when Hendricks owns the first two cars. Although, one of the cars running out of gas was also one of his. My RCR guys were no where in sight again.
There's a lot of annoying drivers these days and Carl Edwards is right up there with the worst. He jumps out of his fourth place Ford spouting off about Fords getting the best gas mileage today and everyone should go test drive one, as if the ones on the track are in any way similar to the showroom floor models. His next sentence is about how mileage races are so exciting and they really get the heart beating. Ya, right Carl. I haven't been that excited since we took the family station wagon cross country on the family vacation while checking the map for the next Texaco. This is the same Carl Edwards that pisses and moans about anybody getting their Goodyears too close and ruffling the feathers on the Aflac duck, proclaiming NASCAR has got to do something to make it safer. Maybe he should just get in that family Studebaker and head cross country. Mileage races ain't what got ya to the bigs, there nancy boy.
A mileage race is what got Tony Stewart his first points race win as an owner this year. He's another one of those guys that gets all torqued out of shape when some one dares to drive near him. Plus he's another ex-openwheeler which makes him a prissy right off the bat. AND HE'S FAT, which is why he can't partake in the openwheel tradition of climbing the fence after wins any more. HA HA

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What The.......

What's going on? I settle down with a latte to read (consume) the latest editorials in our wonderfully librul paper and maybe catch (hopefully) a glimpse of Shelby on the morning news when, nothing...... My television screen is all snow. Did something happen overnight that I could have slept through? Then, to my horror, I check public television and it's the same thing. What am I going to do without my straight forward news? (without those tragic facts)
I look outside and all seems normal. Going back to the tv, with trembling hands, I check our local NBC affiliate. NO NO NO!!!! What will I do without green tv? Oh the horror!!!!! Without Brian Williams and Katie on CBS.....Why Why oh Why????
Nobody told me this would happen. I see a neighbor go by so I quickly run out in the street and grab him by the arm. "Did you know all the tv stations are off the air," I ask. "Of course," he says. Apparrently all the stations went digital overnight, he informs me.
Why didn't somebody tell me this would happen to MY television? Why didn't somebody call me to let me know? Why didn't anybody come to my home to explain and, better yet, fix it for me? What is my government going to do to fix my tv? What will I do without PBS? This is all Bush and Palin's fault, isn't it?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rice Doesn't Like Kimmy's Fashion Sense

North Korea may react to new sanctions with "further provocation." (OH NOOOOO) The Security Council passed a UNANIMOUS resolution condemning North Korea for recent rocket launches and "suspected"(wtf) underground nuclear tests.
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said "there's reason to believe they may respond in an irresponsible fashion to this." Are you fricken kidding me? It never should have gotten to this point. One of our last three Presidents should have shown some cajones and knocked down any missile launching pad with a few sidewinders from a couple F-16s. A couple 500 pounders dropped from a B-1 might have hindered any production at their "nucular" facilities. The same for Imadinnerjacket except with the help of Israel on that one.
From FOX News, Rice noted that the newly-passed resolution, among other things, would restrain North Korea's ability to export nuclear contraband. U.S. officials would seek permission to board and inspect ships believed to be carrying contraband.
Seek pemission??? Unfreakin believable.
Rice also said "Iran should see that "the response from the international community has been very clear, very firm and very meaningful."
Meaningful. I'll bet the two dictators (Kimmy and Jacket, not the One) had a good chuckle after hearing that.

Obama's Newest Idea - WASCAR

Let's see.....who else didn't vote for the ONE and what does he control that could hurt them? He's got those two car builders to play with and he's already taken care of those pesky dealership owners. (lightbulb comes on) Hey, how bout those bible thumpin rednecks at NASCAR?
In the words of our 40th president, "there he goes again." He is cutting factory support for Chevrolet teams competing in the Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series. That means teams like KHI (Kevin and Delana Harvick), JMS (Earnhardt Jr.) and Rusty Wallace's teams are going to lose desperately needed cash and engines for their up and coming organizations. No word yet on how he's going to screw the Sprint Cup Series.
I may be mistaken, but didn't he have the audacity to show up at a race last year on his campaign trail? Those aren't the only people he went to lie face to face to.
This is going to completely destroy the smaller car and truck owners and further damage the already hurting Nationwide and Camping World Series'. There's a lot of loyal fans of Chevy in both of these series, especially since Toyota joined in. Kind of a "beat those imports" kind of thing. My guess is a lot of those fans might soon turn into Toyota fans and take even more business away from Government Motors. The way things are going, I can see an all import NASCAR. The messiah already has plans in the works to over tax those companies, so it's not too farfetched to see it turn into midgit racing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

There Goes My New Car

Guess I won't be trading in that 05 Chrysler this year. We were going to wait until next Spring to buy a new car, but the deals over in Lake Elmo are almost too good to pass up.
I thought for sure the Fiat deal was going to go through. No one, as of yet, has risked their knee caps and gone against the Obama administration. It looked like O's union pals were going to get more than their fare share of another car company until Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg grabbed em by their blue collars. Ginsburg said in an order that the sale is "stayed pending further order." That's right, the Supreme Court Ginsburg.
Seems a trio of Indiana state pension and construction funds, which hold a small part of Chrysler's debt, have been fighting the sale, claiming that it unfairly favors Chrysler's unsecured stakeholders ahead of secured debtholders like themselves. (ala Breitbart) The funds also are challenging the constitutionality of the Treasury Department's use of money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to supply Chrysler's bankruptcy protection financing. They say the government did so without congressional authority. WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORITAAAAA! (ala Cartman)
Now Saturn was going to be lost, (we were told) but it turns out they had sixteen different offers to buy the brand. Hummers are all but sold to China, so what makes you think Chrysler won't get an offer or two. They're difinitely a better performing car than a Saturn and out performs them in the safety field by far.
I haven't talked to my salesman in Lake Elmo since Judge Ruth's newsbreaker today, but my guess is he's not too happy about this. I would tell him to pull his chin up cuz I don't think Chrysler is going anywhere. I most likely won't get the sweet, sweet deal I've been looking at, but at least we'll have a quality car to look at next year.
Now all we have to do is convince the clowns in Detroit, that are under the Messiah's thumb, not to throw away the lives of all the people at the dealership and everyone affected by closing it down. (for no damn reason)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's been 20 years since MILLIONS of Chinese seized control of their Capitol in a damand of democracy. 20 years!!!
Martial Law had been declared on May 19th by Premier Li Peng and the people of Beijing responded by setting up barricades with trucks and buses to protect the demostraters in Tiananmen Square.
On the morning of June 4th, the Chinese rulers had had enough and sent in tanks to clear the square. Of those that saw it on tv, who can forget the picture of one lone sole standing in front of that tank. The rulers knew the world was watching and wouldn't allow the tank to crush him, unlike an estimated 2600 others. The Chinese government still claims it was 'only' 241. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did release a statement yesterday calling on Chinese authorities to "provide a public accounting of those killed, detained or missing, both to learn and to heal."
All that nasty stuff aside now though since we have a much more important warming. Even Speaker Pelosi, who was in China last week, avoided any talk of human rights. She was the person that, in 1991 helped unveil a banner in Tiananmen Square honoring “those who died for democracy in China. Although, personally, I believe human rights are extremely important to her, but it has got to be demoralizing for the Chinese to see her table it for polotics.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Takin Care Of Business


Jose Carrasquillo, 26, is currently in stable condition after the videotaped beating by about a dozen West Kensington residents, according to police.

Seems Jose is a person of interest in the rape of an 11 year old girl on her way to school. The girl had just dropped off a sibling at day care and was walking to school Monday when a man approached her, investigators said. He started to walk with her, threatened her and said he had a gun. He took her to a nearby backyard and raped her repeatedly.

Young Mr. Carrasquillo is now under arrest on a unrelated warrent. Information was released, by the Philadelphia police, that Jose was a person of interest in the rape. The upstanding Mr. Carrasquillo has had 17 prior arrests, so was this an example of communities taking care of their own when no one else would? SEVENTEEN prior arrests and this scum was loose on the streets.

Now we have a situation in our little fly-over town of a teen suspected of killing a young man. The young man, Ahmed Nur Ali, was a mentor to young people in his neighborhood. Ahmed Nur Ali was a 20-year-old political science major. A TWENTY year old with an amazing, bright future. Do you know why he was killed? Because he wouldn't allow some teens, one of which was our young teen in question, play basketball. That young teen, Ramadan Abdi Shiekh Osman, has been released from jail because several witnesses recanted their statements. Hmmm
What it looks like from the outside, is this community has taken the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy with the Minneapolis police. Which neighborhood would you feel better living in? One where they look out for each other, or one taking a stance that will surely allow, if not promote, criminal behavior?
I never thought I would be saying "I'ld rather be in Philly".

That Transparency Thing

From the Wall Street Journal 6/3/2009 titled "Nuclear Sites Posted Online Accidentally" By Stephen Power and Jonathan Weisman ( )
Apparently a government office accidentally made public a report that gave detailed information about the United State's civilian nuclear sites and programs.
"The report, which includes maps of facilities showing the locations of stockpiles of fuel for nuclear weapons at those facilities, was posted last month on the Web site of the Government Printing Office. It was removed from the site late Tuesday, after the Federation of American Scientists reported on the document's existence Sunday in an online bulletin."
The Obama administration made an agreement to encourage other countrys to comply with a decade old international agreement to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency with information on all nuclear related activity.
The report that was made public was marked "Highly Confidential Safeguards Sensitive". I don't know about you, but I might have gotten that cleared or declassified before putting it on a public government web site. Better yet, not at all.
" The list details the existence of nuclear facilities at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and a Westinghouse research facility in Pittsburgh, among others."
I'm thinking, any group (terrorist) that is monitoring government web sites may have already downloaded the information as it was posted for nearly a month. But hey, don't worry. Fearless leader's gang says it didn't jeopardize national security so, don't worry about it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not A Citizen? Come Live And Vote For Obama In Georgia

Georgia's, specifically Atlanta's illegal immigration problems are well known. It's why so many illegals go there. Some have been trying to clean things up but have run into a brickwall. That brickwall being President Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ).
From Shannon McCaffrey of the Associated Press, [the Justice Department has rejected Georgia's system of using Social Security numbers and driver's license data to check whether prospective voters are citizens.
"This flawed system frequently subjects a disproportionate number of African-American, Asian and/or Hispanic voters to additional, and more importantly, erroneous burdens on the right to register to vote," Loretta King, acting assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's civil rights division, said. King's letter was sent to Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker on Friday.
"We are pleased with this decision," said Elise Shore, Southeastern Regional Counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. "It vindicates our filing of the lawsuit." ]
Of course Elise is pleased. This (in her eyes) justifies her trumped up "Fund's" existance.
The O is setting up his run for relection in his 'never ending campaign'. It's all he has done in his political career. Other than voting 'present', what accomplishment does he have on his resume? Nothing, that's what. Everything he has done has been focussed on where he is now. That being, a position in which he can enforce policies he imagined in his community organizer role.
Using his bully tactics, gained in Chicago of course, he is insuring his policies won't be overturned any time soon. This ruling in Georgia is just one brick in the messiah's wall blocking any kind of dissent. It's all about votes people, and he has just insured a huge advantage.

TPaw Takes A Bow

Governor Pawlenty has decided to take a bow, just when he grew a huge pair. Hmm, could one have something to do with the other, hmmm? Maybe test out the Presedente' waters, hmmm?
Regardless of the first sentence, I'm not a big Govner Timmy basher. He's done a great deal for, and didn't fotget for one minute, our troops. I still proudly display the troop plates on our car. That money goes to families of troops, which is just one of many ways our troops are getting their much deserved aid.
He's done quite a bit in naming names of elected officials stalling the process' of government. Those clogging the system seemed to outnumber or have a louder voice many times in this state though. Granted, many fees have gone up in the name of not raising taxes but imagine where we would be if he gave in or was a Dem and just went along.
He has 19 months remaining and I'm looking forward to him making those wishing for bigger government and higher taxes cringe and grind their teeth, especially Pogo. Should be kinda interesting.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tin Can

Don't forget to pack the family dog on your trip across the country this Summer.
Here's a little nugget I found. According to Rasmussen ( ) 21% favor the GM bailout. 67% OPPOSE the bailout. But hey, that's only the citizens.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Culture of Disruption

According to KSTP dot com, House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller sent Pawlenty a letter Friday saying that further reductions will hurt schools, nursing homes, hospitals, cities and counties, and the related job losses will damage the economy.
With all this at stake the DF(that F tworques me off)L will surely be at the Capitol helping Governor Pawlenty sort this mess out. What???? They're not????????
Instead they send Pawlenty a letter saying if anything fails, IT'S YOUR FAULT. Kind of expected a nah nah-nah nah nahhh nah somewhere in the letter. That's definitely the tone and the unspoken essence.
Kelliher (not a favorite) and Pogemiller (scum imho) were voted in to do a job. They work for you and me. Part of their job was to hammer out a working budget. They didn't do it, thus should be fired at the polls. The fruits of their labor was handing Govner Timmy a blank check and wanting him to sign it. All they did during the last session was to find a way to put TPaw in a jam. That was their mission. Not helping out Minnesnowtans that want work, want to support their families and stay in this state. Instead, all of their efforts go to playing political games. Remember those two people when you are moving out of state, in with friends or family or a couple steps closer to the welfare window. Remember Kelliher slamming the gavel down on your life as you know it. Remember Pogo's shit eatin grin when you get that foreclosure notice. It's what they wanted for you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming To A Town Near You

You would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to see the resurgence of racism in the US. Although it was far from dead and gone, it's gotten a shot in the arm from the latest administration in the White House. The Chicago thugery is just getting started.

The latest example is President Obama's dropping the charges against Black Panther members that intimidated voters on election day, 2008. Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were charged in a civil complaint in the final days of the Bush administration with violating the voter rights act by using coercion, threats and intimidation.

These jackasses had the audacity to stand in front of a Philadelphia polling station, one with a night stick, taunting voters with "you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." It didn't matter if they were white or black, these clowns were equal oppurtunity thugs.

Via Fox News dot com, in his affidavit, obtained by FOX News, Bull wrote "I watched the two uniformed men confront voters and attempt to intimidate voters. They were positioned in a location that forced every voter to pass in close proximity to them. The weapon was openly displayed and brandished in plain sight of voters."
He also said they tried to "interfere with the work of other poll observers ... whom the uniformed men apparently believed did not share their preferences politically.

Get a load of this You Tube video. Just a couple of concerned citizens, right? Yet O has decided that this can just be swept under the rug, and I'm sure it will.

All in all, it probably doesn't matter any more. Because of the cowardice sweeping the US of not questioning qualifications or standings, a racist soon to sit on the SCOTUS. You better believe, it ain't over.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Shady Government

Green Bay wants to limit the number of times you can rent YOUR OWN HOUSE out for less than 28 days. The proposal also would impose a 500-foot distance between any two such operations. Those wishing to exceed the requirements would need to apply for a conditional use permit. The cost of that application........$300.
The intent is to limit party houses particularly on Shadow Lane near Lambeau Field. Under the proposal, corporations could still own residential property on Shadow Lane and allow their employees or anyone else to use the house free of charge for any Green Bay Packers game weekend. But, no no no says city council. That loophole is going to be closed faster than business' around the HHH Metro Hump.