Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mass Migration From Wisconsin to Utah

Highways are overloaded with cars, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles and lawnmowers as 'former' Wisconsin residents take what ever means of transportation they can to get to Utah.
Seems some clown claims he was thrown into a red pickup and forced to drink beer. The 'anonymous' victim was found by somebody walking across Legacy Highway near Centerville on Saturday morning.
The man told police that he had been kidnapped three hours earlier. He said that when he parked his car near his home, two Spanish-speaking men threw him in the truck, put a bag over his head and bound his hands and feet with a wire clothes hanger. (so we know it wasn't Mommy Dearest) The assailants reportedly put a gun to the man's stomach, tolded him not to sell his drugs in the area, forced two beers down his throat, untied him and threw him out on the road.
It is guessed that the reason for the beers was so authorities would suspect he was just drunk and made up the story.
If this guy's story is true, the kidnappers weren't exactly rocket surgeons. Two empty beer cans and a mangled wire hanger were found along the road.

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