Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's It Going To Take?

What's it going to take Mr President? North Korea has a rocket aimed directly at Hawaii. They want to fire it on our Independence Day. The 4th of July!!! You know their history of creating havoc on our holidays.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he has ordered the U.S. military to take defensive measures should North Korea attempt to fire a ballistic missile toward Hawaii. He has also said that “I think we are in a good position, should it become necessary, to protect American territory.” You THINK??? WTF??? Our Defense Secretary thinks we're in a good position. I want a DS that KNOWS we are in a good position. A good position is to see those missiles in piles of rubble.
Intelligence analysts do not believe the device, a Taepodong-2, would be capable of hitting Hawaii's main islands, which are 4,500 miles from North Korea. It is believed (believed???) to have a range of 4,400 miles. The survivors of the bombing of Pearl Harbor will be glad to know that our President and Defense Secretary "think" and "believe" they will be safe.
Protesters in Iran are risking their lives for just a little scrap of independence, but our President doesn't want to publicly support them because he doesn't want the US to be the issue. My belief is he doesn't have a freakin clue as to what might happen and doesn't want to be on the wrong side.
What should happen is the President should stand up and proclaim his allegiance to the people of Iran that are fighting for freedom. I don't think the people at GQ would be too upset with him if he did.
Both, Iran and North Korea, have made huge strides in their nuclear programs in the short time the O has been in office. What's he done about either? He's gone overseas to tell them that's naughty and to honor their culture. That didn't stop em. He's gotten an agreement from other nations that if NK tries to ship nukes, or nuclear stuff, we're going to tell them to pull over so we can check their cargo. And if they don't, we're going to be really, really mad. All that stuff they're flying all over the world, and all that stuff they're moving through China, well, we're not going to do anything about that......but we're going to be upset.
Both countries have fired test missile after test missile without more than a nastygram from Great Leader.
Israel has done what they could to stop the spread of nuclear weapon technology to threatening countries, (ala that big hole in the ground in Syria) of course with a cautious gaze from the US. They wanted to go in to blow Iran's program sky high but Bushy/Messiah wouldn't have any of that. How dare they protect their existence?
These are just two of the terrorist enabling countries that will do anything they want to bully freedom loving, or weak countries around. These are just two countries that should have been taught lessons, right from the beginning, that aggressions on other peoples will not be tolerated.
That's all over and done with now, as far as Iran and North Korea are concerned. They are quickly reaching the point of no return. That point, as of yet, hasn't been determined. What point is that? What will it take, Mr President, for you to grow a pair?
Oh, did I mention we're making huge cuts to our military, especially our missile defense?

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