Sunday, July 26, 2009

You're Still The One

That song comes to mind every time I see his picture. Which is a lot these days when you live in Minnesnowta. This is really some funny shit. The headlines all over town about Favre making a decision are killing me. "Rumors Rampant" Good freakin grief.
I've watched Favre do this for years. The first time he did this (when he still could make a difference) I knew the Pack wasn't going to let him go, and he would be in camp when most of the grunting was over. Things haven't changed because the Queens still think he can make a difference. Apparently the Aints aren't so sure, which is where he really wants to go.
How would you like to be Tarvarius (sp) knowing half your team was texting Favre begging him to play? That's gotta be a confidence builder. The dummies in the dome aren't much better knowing they are the red headed stepchild here.
I can see it now, when he finally makes his mind up. Standing there, looking down, arms crossed, swaying back and forth when he kicks at the dirt saying, "all right, I'll come play on your team." Like I said. It really is some funny shit and this is going to be another great season. I love seeing all those blue seats in the dome. LOLOLOL

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