Saturday, June 13, 2009

What The.......

What's going on? I settle down with a latte to read (consume) the latest editorials in our wonderfully librul paper and maybe catch (hopefully) a glimpse of Shelby on the morning news when, nothing...... My television screen is all snow. Did something happen overnight that I could have slept through? Then, to my horror, I check public television and it's the same thing. What am I going to do without my straight forward news? (without those tragic facts)
I look outside and all seems normal. Going back to the tv, with trembling hands, I check our local NBC affiliate. NO NO NO!!!! What will I do without green tv? Oh the horror!!!!! Without Brian Williams and Katie on CBS.....Why Why oh Why????
Nobody told me this would happen. I see a neighbor go by so I quickly run out in the street and grab him by the arm. "Did you know all the tv stations are off the air," I ask. "Of course," he says. Apparrently all the stations went digital overnight, he informs me.
Why didn't somebody tell me this would happen to MY television? Why didn't somebody call me to let me know? Why didn't anybody come to my home to explain and, better yet, fix it for me? What is my government going to do to fix my tv? What will I do without PBS? This is all Bush and Palin's fault, isn't it?

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