Sunday, July 12, 2009

90 And Counting

Here we go again. 90th season folks, though the Pack actually goes back much farther. August 1st marks the start of the practice schedule with all our free agents signed, five of our draft picks and Jennings with a long term contract.
Crosby better get his act together with a 26th place ranking from last year. He wasn't the only reason for a losing season last year, but three kicks could have changed a 7-9 season to a division winning 10-6. A missed 52 yard game-winner against Minnesota, a 38 yard game-winner blocked in Chicago and a 53 yarder missed against Atlanta (we lost by 3) could have made a world of difference. Granted he wasn't the only reason for a bad season, with Rodgers not sealing the deal on a couple occasions and a less than stellar defense that put the Pack in those situations, but it is one position where we need a drastic turnaround.
And what about that qb situation for the guys in dark pink? Waiting and waiting for a decision from Brett. Where have I heard that before?
Here we go Pa-ack, here we go. Here we go Pa-ack, here we go.

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