Thursday, September 17, 2009

McCollum And Ellison Team For Illegal Alien Children Prostitutes

Guess who voted to keep giving ACORN more of your money. Ellison you knew would vote crap like that, no matter what crimes ACORN is involved in. Now my Congresswoman has crossed the line into dipshittery.
In the last election, Betty McCollum was actually the lesser of two evils. At least I thought so. That was my vote. Which candidate would vote for less criminal actions than the other. I may have been wrong, as Betty has voted to keep dishing out millions, if not billions, of our money to the criminals at ACORN. Don't worry that ACORN would like to smuggle illegal CHILDREN from El Salvador to be used as slave prostitutes, that's all beside the point. Betty wants our money to keep going to Obama's pet community.
CHILDREN Betty!!!!! CHILDREN!!!!! That were promised abuse. Do you even understand what the hell you're doing? I don't think so. At least, I hope you're not understanding the consequences of your actions.
C'mon St Paul and burbs! Vote this scum out.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Why does Fox News Sunday have to put on such dispicable people? You know they could find some one more credible for the Left than Howard Dean.
Dean can NOT open his mouth without spouting at least one lie. The very first thing he says is that "polls show people want a government plan", when asked about healthcare reform. He said people want a choice between what they have now, and what people over 65 have. WTF
Along with those lies comes a now unconscious, automatic, abhorrent dig to the Republicans. About the health bill, he says Republicans aren't interested in putting together a bill and that we need to expaaaaaand public programs. Oh yes, and down with evil insurance companies.
While referring to the end of life coaching, he calls it death penalties and says there are no death penalties in the bill. (again) WTF I guess that's how he gets out of saying he didn't lie.
He believes that what we've been hearing from the townhall meetings are "strawmen set up by the Right." He believes that the Mesiah has given a strong clear message and the Republicans are trying to muddy the waters. The only mud here is between your ears Howwy. About the power the Left has for ramming a bill through he said, "if you don't use your majorities - you lose your majorities." I guess the 'bipartison' thing Obama always says he's striving for is kinda lost on the Dean of Dems.
Dean was asked about his statement at a townhall meeting that "The reason Tort reform isn't in the bill, is because THE PEOPLE THAT WROTE it didn't want to take on the trial lawyers, and that's the truth." He sidestepped that like the pro he is and said that if Tort were in the bill, it wouldn't get one Republican vote. WTF He says that O has worked closely with the A.M.A. and pharmaceuticals to put together this bill, and again, that polls show the bill and the Dems are in good shape. That shape.............flat. Is flat a shape? Maybe he was telling the truth about the A.M.A. because I did hear a lot of boos when he spoke to them.
The last thing he was asked about, by Chris Wallace, was Van Jones and his resignation. He feels Jones was railroaded out of town and that Jones didn't know what he was signing when he put his name to the Truther petition. You know, the one saying Bushy was behind killing over three thousand people on 9/11.
I gotta tell you, and you knew it was coming, I'm so grateful for the FOX cameras being in Iowa the day when (with Tom Harkin wetting his pants behind him) Howard the Dean said...."and then we're going to Washington DC and take back The White House." For those of you who haven't seen it lately, or just can't get enough of it, click on or copy/paste - (the symble after the capital V, is a zero) Enjoy