Thursday, February 26, 2009

Government Approved Conscience

Let me introduce Nora. Nora is my representative. She represents the wishes of people in her district. I may be wrong, but I haven't heard a large uproar to stop people from smoking in their cars if they are transporting a child or minor.
Shall we outlaw sharp knives in homes where children reside? What about all those life threatening stairways. Has anyone taken into consideration what all those electrical outlets, in our homes, could do to a child should they put one of those sharp knives in one?
Let's go back to our cars. Has Nora taken into consideration what a high speed impact could do to a child? Shouldn't there be reduced speed limits for people transporting children? Shouldn't they at least be required to wear Nascar approved helmets while the car is moving?
How about just the smoking issue? Is Nora going to decide that a law should be invoked on smokers state wide that they will not smoke in homes where children reside? How long is that smoke dangerous? Will people be required to stop smoking ten hours before a child is allowed to enter it? Will smokers be banned from sidewalks that children might walk on?
Nora, you're leaving a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of holes in your quest to protect children. A lot of laws unwritten. It's not only smoking Nora. What about driving children through an industrial area of town? What about driving children past a home with a wood burning fireplace?
I know the answer Nora. Let's make common sense law. At least require people to stay within camera shot of government video cameras at all times.
UPDATE = Turns out Nora didn't get her way this time, as her proposal was voted down. Some how, I don't think this is over.

Friday, February 13, 2009


What? Not quite the image you had in mind? That's the heart I'm thinking of right now. With the country heading the way it is, a lot of these will stop for no reason. Wait a minute, I take that back. For horrible reasons. In the (so called) stimulous bill is hidden the beginnings of socialist's healthcare. Gone unchecked, some one in the government will decide who gets what care, what pills and what treatment. Your doctor, that you've been seeing for years if not your life, won't have the choice of giving you life saving advice or help. You will be given the standard pill that Capitol Hill has decided you take. You might not even be seeing that doctor any more. You might be getting on a bus and traveling far away to have your orders stamped and processed and given photo copied instructions for your treatment.
Thankfully the Valentine that I will be traveling to see this coming week, didn't have to go through that nightmare. She is 88 with failing health in a nursing home. The same one that Kent Hrbek's Wife's Grandmother stayed in, she likes to recall. She's a big Minnesota Twins fan and rarely misses a game on tv. She really loved it when Kent came to visit his Grandmother Inlaw until her passing.
She has more than 88 years of memories but it looks like that may come to an end soon. She couldn't have done it without the help of small town doctors, nurses and aids. After a terrible fall in her home years ago, her healthcare was taken over. She has been able to live on and create many more memories with people she has grown old with and has become a part of her family. All of which could never have happened in our near future.
Please, everyone that reads this, fight to keep our healthcare in our hands. Life doesn't end because we can't produce a widgit anymore, and shouldn't be thrown away. Life is too important. My Valentine's weakly beating heart is too important. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day Mom.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When's the last time people really stood behind their products or service?

Other than the occasional food server, who has tried to truely satisfy you just to satisfy you?

My Wife and I decide that it would be nice to upgrade our satelite receiver in our bedroom to a dvr. I go online, order the dvr easy enough and get a confirmation. It's on its' way in 2 to 5 days.

Day 2, nothing. Day 3, still waiting. Day 4, I saw the delivery truck looking around the neighborhood but no dice. Now it's the weedend and I think back to the confirmation. They said 2 to 5 workdays. Now mind you, I fought tooth and nail with the townhome association to get my dish for 4 years. (the prez didn't like the look) So I've literally fought to get their business.

Monday, day five. I've had to sneak away a couple time for a few minutes, all the while hoping the truck didn't come while I was away. Surely I would have to sign for something like this. They wouldn't just leave a dvr out in the snow. Noon, nothing. Two pm, nothing. Three, four, nothing. Does the working day end at four? Five pm and still nothing. By the way, I've been tracking it online, and it got to town on day 3. I'm wishing they would have used brown cuz they almost always get things here on day 2.

About ten after five my doorbell rings and my dvr is left out in the cold where anyone could have taken it.

I unpackage it and find I'm missing one of the cables their list says I should have. I save stuff like this, so no real big deal. Just one more person not doing their job.

I start unplugging the old receiver and two of the cables, that were installed by a contracter, broke in my hands. No unreasonable torque was applied. They just fell apart. Obviously made for one time use. I finally get it hooked up and call the satelite company to get it activated. All sorts of options are gone through on the phone. All but the one I wanted. After being hung up on twice, I tricked it into talking to one of their techs. Nothing works. I had all the serial numbers, cables hooked up correctly, and nothing. I went through a couple tests, rehooked cable up (for no damn reason) and whollah. It worked. After exalting the tech as my savior I hang up and go to try out the new dvr.

So, I start flipping throught the channels and get a looking for satelite message on the screen. What the? Nothing I do can get it to work. Back on the phone I go and trick the machine into talking to a tech. We go through the whole ritual again and try a few new (for no damn reason) tricks. Nothing. I recheck serial numbers on the back of the, what I find is a reconditioned made in Mexico, receiver and nothing works correctly. They can send some one out as early as the next Sunday afternoon. Six days from now.

Everything is hooked up right. I use to build high end cd players and other audio equipment, by hand, component by soldered component, so I know a thing or two. I find that after running one of their onscreen tests, I can get it to work. Change the channel and it's gone. Pretty sure it's the receiver.

Why was this receiver reconditioned? Why is it still broke? Why was a cable missing? Why did it take five days when, at most, it should have taken three. Why does it take six days for some one to come look at a receiver I paid for a week ago?

Not to pick on this one company for this. It just seems to be the norm when dealing with a lot people that are suppose to be serving you. Is this why so many products we buy are imported? Because we are just too stupid/lazy to build reliable products? Does the price we pay for many things built in the US have a stupid factor built in?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So Frankenslime might be taken down by the same decision that gave W the Oval Office in double ot. I can't tell you how sweet that would be to me.

What would really put the icing on the cake would be for W to call the slimester and congratulate him on his hard fought campaign. I would love to see the contortions his face would go through then.

If that were to happen though, I might have to drop my moniker of kow. (King Of the World) Naugh. I came up with that a month or so ago when it looked like Frankenslime might take the Senate seat for sure. With him in office, I would never run out of material to complain about.

Norm hasn't exactly been the kind of Senator I want, but he's better than that scardy cat Dayton. He might come out from under his desk to run for Governor and give me some more material. (not that there's a lack of material in this state) BOO! heh heh......I love doing that to him.

Then we've got Ellison, who's always good for a laugh. Mondale, Jesse, we just never run out of em.

Yup, who says times aren't good.