Thursday, September 17, 2009

McCollum And Ellison Team For Illegal Alien Children Prostitutes

Guess who voted to keep giving ACORN more of your money. Ellison you knew would vote crap like that, no matter what crimes ACORN is involved in. Now my Congresswoman has crossed the line into dipshittery.
In the last election, Betty McCollum was actually the lesser of two evils. At least I thought so. That was my vote. Which candidate would vote for less criminal actions than the other. I may have been wrong, as Betty has voted to keep dishing out millions, if not billions, of our money to the criminals at ACORN. Don't worry that ACORN would like to smuggle illegal CHILDREN from El Salvador to be used as slave prostitutes, that's all beside the point. Betty wants our money to keep going to Obama's pet community.
CHILDREN Betty!!!!! CHILDREN!!!!! That were promised abuse. Do you even understand what the hell you're doing? I don't think so. At least, I hope you're not understanding the consequences of your actions.
C'mon St Paul and burbs! Vote this scum out.