Monday, June 8, 2009

There Goes My New Car

Guess I won't be trading in that 05 Chrysler this year. We were going to wait until next Spring to buy a new car, but the deals over in Lake Elmo are almost too good to pass up.
I thought for sure the Fiat deal was going to go through. No one, as of yet, has risked their knee caps and gone against the Obama administration. It looked like O's union pals were going to get more than their fare share of another car company until Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg grabbed em by their blue collars. Ginsburg said in an order that the sale is "stayed pending further order." That's right, the Supreme Court Ginsburg.
Seems a trio of Indiana state pension and construction funds, which hold a small part of Chrysler's debt, have been fighting the sale, claiming that it unfairly favors Chrysler's unsecured stakeholders ahead of secured debtholders like themselves. (ala Breitbart) The funds also are challenging the constitutionality of the Treasury Department's use of money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to supply Chrysler's bankruptcy protection financing. They say the government did so without congressional authority. WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORITAAAAA! (ala Cartman)
Now Saturn was going to be lost, (we were told) but it turns out they had sixteen different offers to buy the brand. Hummers are all but sold to China, so what makes you think Chrysler won't get an offer or two. They're difinitely a better performing car than a Saturn and out performs them in the safety field by far.
I haven't talked to my salesman in Lake Elmo since Judge Ruth's newsbreaker today, but my guess is he's not too happy about this. I would tell him to pull his chin up cuz I don't think Chrysler is going anywhere. I most likely won't get the sweet, sweet deal I've been looking at, but at least we'll have a quality car to look at next year.
Now all we have to do is convince the clowns in Detroit, that are under the Messiah's thumb, not to throw away the lives of all the people at the dealership and everyone affected by closing it down. (for no damn reason)


  1. You'll look so cool behind the wheel of a Fiat 500.

    Pull your chin up... cuz your knees will knock yer chin in that large car.


  2. In case of emergencies, it'll have it's own can opener.


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