Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Actually, .995 millionaire. Gary Staton has taken Nebraska for $600,00 in foodstamps and $100,000 in Medicaid. Nebraska has been paying this p.o.s. to breed for nearly 18 years. Then what does the ungrateful bastard do? He dumps the fruit of his loins off for the state to finish raising, then goes out to breed some more.

You see, Nebraska had a Safe Haven Law that allows 'people' like Staton to dump their children off on the state up to the age of 18. Staton has nine children from 1 to 17 and he dumped all of them.

Now, Staton has informed his dumped kids (which he is allowed to have a relationship with) that he is expecting to become a daddy again with Gail, his new girlfriend. He even showed them the ultrasound picture. That had to be a real Kodak moment.

Nebraskans aren't about to take this sitting down, so what do they do? Why, State Sen. Mike Friend said this "speaks to an inherent problem in our society" and SUGGESTED that the Omaha man undergo COUNSELING. That'll learn him."I don't know what to do about a guy like that," Friend told "I wish I had the ability to be able to figure it out and say, 'Hey, here's the answer.' This is clearly a troubled guy." (ya think?)

Since Gary's big dump the state has changed the law to read children under the age of 30 days.

So with those stern words and a warning of counseling, Gary went off to make more babies. Oh, that ultrasound he showed his's of twins. Isn't that lovely. I wonder if Gail is having a baby shower.

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