Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Stupid To Live - One

No, not the scum that kidnapped the little girl, fathered two children with her and kept her captive for 18 years. I want that p.o.s. to live a long, long life of misery, distress and pain. Although, he certainly fits the catagory. I'm talking about local scum.
From kstp dot com. A St. Paul man is accused of ripping off his 4-year-old son's shirt and assaulting him for wearing a rival gang's color. FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON'S!!! 30-year-old Kenny T. Jackson (and I'm looking for his picture to post here) is charged with malicious punishment of a child.
The boy was hiding in his bedroom while Kenny was tearing up the house in a drug fueled rage. That's where he found the boy and ripped, RIPPED off his shirt. Police found scratches on him from the violent treatment. Kenny, of course, ran before police arrived, but they found him cowering in a car trunk like the coward he is.
I'm looking for a picture of him so people can recognize him on the street. He's a member of the Bloods (000000000000) and his son had a blue shirt on so he literally ripped it off the four-year-old's little body.
Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson (a.k.a. Kenny the Koward)
Remember that name. He'll probably be wearing red.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Toyota Owns Detroit

How sweet was that, when Vickers realized he had enough gas to cross the line? How sweet was it to see Brian in that Toyota and not that little pisser Kyle Busch? For the first time in Michigan International Speedway history, Toyota wins. Vickers not only won the Cup race on Sunday, but came in 2nd in the Series race Saturday AND took both poles.
From the onset it was betwixt Jimmy Johnson and Brian Vickers, but Chad Knaus screwed the pooch again. I thought Chad was a better crewchief than that, having done the same thing earlier this year at the SAME track and at (I think) Phoenix. Note to Chad - Jimmy is not good at saving Sonoco.
It was good to see that one of the better cars won in a fuel mileage race. Mileage is the only reason Junior got his 3rd place. He had a bad vibration and had to pit early, and with a yellow coming out and many not pitting, he was able to floor it when others had to save. That's the only reason he got in the top 15.
Not only is Toyota the reigning champion of the "big three's" Michigan, they brought in four of the top ten. The way it sounds, that "big three" might soon be the "big two," as Dodge had no comment on questions about their continuing support of NASCAR.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pack Preseason And Busch Deranged Syndrome

Nice way to start out the preseason. 17-0. Rodgers took the Pack down the field on two different drives of 9 and 7 plays for a 14-0 lead before hitting the sideline. It looked like Green Bay was in mid-season form and the Browns had just decided to get a few guys together for a game of touch. They keep this up and Mangini's second team will be his last.
Dom's new (to the Pack) 3/4 defense looked quite impressive. They pressured the Browns QBs all night and came away with 2 or 3 picks.
Once the second string got in there, it looked like last season's penalty madness was still around, but McCarthy will get on em about that. It is just the first preseason game though.
How sweet was it to see Busch get shoved down the track in his attempt at a last lap win. Vickers blocks him and he's all pissed off cuz he didn't let him win. He even pulled his car in front of Vickers to bitch at him after the race. Once Vickers got his gear off and got out of his car, the cry baby got behind his crew. How sweet it's going to be when he ticks off the wrong guy and he knocks the little bitch on his ass. Turns out Hendrick really knew what he was doing getting rid of that clown. He's had a thousand chances to win races, and almost always comes in second.(or 3rd Sat. night) Always cuz somebody didn't let him win. It's like Vickers said after the race. "I'm sorry....I didn't know it was the Kyle Busch show."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thai Transvestites, Whoo Hooooo

Ya, I know I haven't been keeping up to date here, but politics of late has been too depressing to even write about, the Pack's training camp has been slow, (finally the Raji deal is done) and until lately we haven't had a real Summer in Minnesnowta.
The political thing has been the worst. Great Leader running aroung the country telling lie after lie in hopes that if he tells them enough people will think they're true. No matter how big the whopper, he throws em out there. All he does to people with questions is to do his Elvis grin and make fun of them. He thought the lady worried her insurance wouldn't cover internal organs was a real hoot. I don't think that lady thought it was all that funny. He got a laugh out of it on his comedy tour though.
You've got other politicians calling people racist, nazis and hate mongers. Politicians that are all above us dumb citizens. Specter was one of the worst. Standing there, letting people sound off in front of him, and all he can say is, "there's democracy in action." Not even understanding what that person was saying.
This health reform debockle is just too frustrating. You've got such a complicating system with all kinds of hands in the cookie jar belonging to people and organizations that don't want to give up, or want a larger cookie. What to do? Let San Fran Nan and the Cript Keeper (Reid) throw up a more than 1000 page monstrocity with (as Krauthammer puts it) additional curlicued complexity — employer mandates, individual mandates, insurance company mandates, allocation formulas, political payoffs and myriad other conjured regulations and interventions — with the promise that this massive concoction will lower costs.
Can you see why a guy would just want to not think about it for a while? It's why I was so happy to see a real news story finally. Chinese Politicians and Thai Transvestites. Yup, that's right.
From Breitbart - Chinese officials on a "study visit" to Thailand have triggered outrage after photographs of them at a transvestite show were posted on the Internet.
In one of the photos published in the Beijing News Friday, an official from Luzhou town in the southwestern province of Sichuan is shown dipping into his pocket for money to give to a transvestite performer.
"Going to see transvestites in Thailand is normal, the problem is whose money they used to go!" one angry Internet user said in a posting.
Shit's gonna hit the fan now, as the Communist Party secretary of Luzhou promised to investigate the affair and said civil servants who had broken the law and regulations would be punished. And, I think when they say "punished", they ain't talkin waterboarding. I'll let'cha know if I hear anymore about this.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attention Citizens: You Are Responsible For Your Actions

From now on, if you do something as stupid as going hiking along the border of a terrorist nation, after being warned NOT to repeatedly, you're on your own. Especially along a border that has been used for smuggling drugs, people and weapons for FREAKIN CENTURIES.
Iran is holding 3 Americans for Americans for illegally entering the country, and they are investigating whether to charge them with spying. I say, "charge em". Freelance journalist Shane Bauer, Sara Shourd and Josh Fattal knew there was a good chance they would be captured but thought they were above any silly laws of TERRORIST nations. From scanning Berkeley graduate Shane Bauer's website, he probably believes that Iran is the victim among Arab nations in the mid-east and would obviously see them for their compassion and understanding of their 'victimness.' Sucks to be you Shane.
Same should have been said for the two clowns captured by North Korea. Under no circumstances, should a current or former US President be made to kiss the boots of terrorist. Think of the message this sends to the pirates in Somalia and other scum sucking bottom feeder countries/terrorists. Now they know they can somehow get the US's attention to their international criminal activities. They know that under the Obama administration, they can get a reward for their crimes. Way to go Barry. And yes, you did have a hand in making President Clinton kneel before that fat little piece of shit.
This just doesn't go for international dipshits. This goes for 73-year-old women that have been repeatedly warned not to give dog food to the bruins that live near her home north of Ouray, Colorado. The 250 pound bear was killed for doing what bears do naturally........feeding. The bear was found feeding on this idiot because it knew food could be found there. The bear isn't the one that is supposed 'know better.' The one that is supposed to 'know better', got ate.

Did You See That?????

What the hell was that? That big blue blurr. I've never seen anything that big move that fast. It's an SEIU member, that's what that was. Usually you can't get a union member to move faster that an arthritic snail's pace, but just try to go up against one of their leaders (or stand in the way of the snack machine) and you'll see the blind, mindless zombies take flight. Just think how cheap and well made our American cars would have been if they built them with such intensity. We sure as hell wouldn't have needed a bailout for em.
People have had it with Great Leader's plan for healthcare/life span, so they are letting their elected officials know it. But wait one dog gone minute there. Messiah won't have dissent among the minions. No siree bobcat tail. You try that and he'll get on prime time tv to disspell any notion that his plan isn't what you must have. Unless he makes some kind of racist remark, then things will get a little sidetracked. But, after one of his life lessons, things will get rolling again.
More rumblings of malcontent? Dismiss it. Still more rumblings? Even louder? Sik the unions on em. Have em get it their faces. Why not? It worked in his campaign for King of the United States. Only this time, send a message. That message? Chicago style. That message.
And, so it was done in St Louis. A man handing out 'Don't Tread On Me' flags outside a townhall style meeting was knocked down in the street, beat and kicked repeatedly by goons from the SEIU. This is what it has come far. Our President getting involved with personal issues between police and his pal, and sending out hits on citizens. Not to mention his soliciting information on anyone that would dare speak out against his plans.