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This is a comment I found on today. It may be a bit lengthy, but every word had to be said to express my contempt for Obama's puppet A.G. . You've crossed the line Howard.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and other al Qaeda operatives will be put on trial in New York City civilian federal court. KSM, the mastermind of 9/11, is not an American citizen and never has been. Together with Osama bin Laden, KSM selected the 9/11 terrorists, arranged their financing and training, and ran the whole operation –from abroad. American and Pakistani intelligence forces captured KSM on March 1, 2003, in –Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Bin Laden had already declared war on the United States, and he remains free to this day.
Now, though, KSM and his co-defendants will enjoy the benefits and rights that the US Constitution accords to US citizens and resident aliens—including the right to demand that the government produce in open court all witnesses and accusers, including intelligence operatives, and all of the information that it has on them, and how they got it.
Trying KSM in civilian court will be an intelligence bonanza for al Qaeda and all hostile nations that will view the U.S. intelligence methods and sources that such a trial will reveal. Prosecutors will be forced to reveal U.S. intelligence on KSM, the methods and sources for acquiring its information, and his relationships to fellow al Qaeda operatives. The information will enable al Qaeda to drop plans and personnel whose cover is blown. It will enable it to detect our means of intelligence-gathering, and to push forward into areas we know nothing about yet which endangers all people world-wide.
This is not hypothetical. This is fact. During the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (aka the “blind Sheikh”), standard civilian criminal trial rules required the government to turn over to the defendants a list of 200 possible co-conspirators.
In essence, that list was a sketch of American intelligence on al Qaeda. It was delivered to Osama bin Laden in Sudan on a silver platter within days of its production as a court exhibit. Bin Laden, who was on the list, could immediately see who was compromised. He also could get a jump-start figuring out how American intelligence had learned its information and anticipate what our future moves were likely to be at that time.
Hence, the civilian trial of “the blind Sheikh” most definitely later resulted in assisting Osama Bin Laden, KSM, and their co-conspirators to plan and execute the successful attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 that resulted in the deaths of thousands of American citizens, American military personnel, and the destruction of two skyscrapers and part of the Pentagon. If not for the selfless sacrificial bravery of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, the destruction of our nation’s capital, or even the White House, would have been assured as well.
President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have to know this. How can they not know these things? But they are going forward with the civilian trial of KSM and his co-defendants in a civilian court in the USA anyways. They co-conspire to do this despite the grave danger of further death and destruction at the hands of terrorist’s and jihadist’s that the civilian trial will bring to American citizens, and the United States of America itself. Not to mention the judicial precedents and resulting case law that will tie up our courts and judges for years, and shred our Constitution, if KSM’s successful prosecution is already a ‘forgone conclusion’.
By going forward with this civilian trial of the mastermind of the most diabolical attack on America and American citizens at the hands of foreign enemies in history, they are directly responsible for all of the damage to our hard earned intelligence and our means of intelligence gathering that has, and currently still does, prevent further terrorist attacks in the US and abroad. The sacrifices of countless people whom have suffered and even died to keep America and our allies safe from further terrorist attacks since 9/11 will be for nothing.
By doing this, with knowledge aforethought and with specific intent, President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are directly endangering untold numbers of Americans on American soil, and abroad, and have also therefore declared themselves enemys of the state in the process.
As a law abiding tax paying American citizen, I now demand the arrest and incarceration of Attorney General Eric Holder and the impeachment and prosecution of President Barack Hussein Obama as co-conspirators and enemys of the state.
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