Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's Newest Idea - WASCAR

Let's see.....who else didn't vote for the ONE and what does he control that could hurt them? He's got those two car builders to play with and he's already taken care of those pesky dealership owners. (lightbulb comes on) Hey, how bout those bible thumpin rednecks at NASCAR?
In the words of our 40th president, "there he goes again." He is cutting factory support for Chevrolet teams competing in the Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck Series. That means teams like KHI (Kevin and Delana Harvick), JMS (Earnhardt Jr.) and Rusty Wallace's teams are going to lose desperately needed cash and engines for their up and coming organizations. No word yet on how he's going to screw the Sprint Cup Series.
I may be mistaken, but didn't he have the audacity to show up at a race last year on his campaign trail? Those aren't the only people he went to lie face to face to.
This is going to completely destroy the smaller car and truck owners and further damage the already hurting Nationwide and Camping World Series'. There's a lot of loyal fans of Chevy in both of these series, especially since Toyota joined in. Kind of a "beat those imports" kind of thing. My guess is a lot of those fans might soon turn into Toyota fans and take even more business away from Government Motors. The way things are going, I can see an all import NASCAR. The messiah already has plans in the works to over tax those companies, so it's not too farfetched to see it turn into midgit racing.


  1. Go Toyota.

    No big deal. Toyota designs and builds in America. I think it is all done in America for the Toyota trucks, so buying a truck supports America. Heck, many chevy cars were built in Canada.

    I would hope and expect NASCAR to be thinking ahead on this one. Maybe the COT car was the first step... Hmmmm

  2. COT was the first real step, there's no doubt. I'm even thinking of going from my Chrysler Pacifica to a Honda van this time. There's always a lot of unions involved, but a little less with the Hondas, Nissans and Toys.


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