Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pelosi's Camo

What better cover for Speaker Pelosi than a former Vice President Dick Cheney scandal?
Of course the Dems don't want to make a big deal of Pelosi's accusation that the CIA lied to her about the use of torture in 2003. By her not answering any questions about it from the press and a trip overseas, she had hoped it would just fade away. Well, it didn't.
Time to go to plan B. The libruls usual m.o. is to divert the attention to some one else. Who better than Deadeye Dick, I mean, other than Governor Palin?
On Sunday, the New York Times reported that Cheney and the CIA devised a secret counterterrorism program. Not only that, Cheney reportedly told the CIA to keep it secret from Congress. It was supposedly a plan to kill or capture al Qaeda operatives. You know, the ones we're at war with.
Turns out CIA Director Leon Panetta just remembered the program and reported it to members of the House and the Senate Intelligence committees. Of course Leon terminated the plan as soon as he heard about it. All this after he had earlier told them that the CIA had never engaged in obfuscation with Congress following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. hmmmm
Horrified by this development, San Fran Nan immediately notified the House Intelligence Committee that an investigation should promptly get underway. Via The Hill, “I think that it behooves the committee to take whatever actions they believe are necessary to get more information on that subject as to whether the intelligence community was directed by the vice president to create a program and intentionally withhold that information from Congress. And further, if these same intelligence community people were asked, ‘Is there anything else we should know?’ whether they said yes or whether they said no,” Pelosi told reporters.
Yup, Nan is behoovin like crazy in hopes that her lie to cover her own screw-up goes away with this in the news. If the digging really digs, Nancy just might take Leon down with her.

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