Saturday, August 8, 2009

Did You See That?????

What the hell was that? That big blue blurr. I've never seen anything that big move that fast. It's an SEIU member, that's what that was. Usually you can't get a union member to move faster that an arthritic snail's pace, but just try to go up against one of their leaders (or stand in the way of the snack machine) and you'll see the blind, mindless zombies take flight. Just think how cheap and well made our American cars would have been if they built them with such intensity. We sure as hell wouldn't have needed a bailout for em.
People have had it with Great Leader's plan for healthcare/life span, so they are letting their elected officials know it. But wait one dog gone minute there. Messiah won't have dissent among the minions. No siree bobcat tail. You try that and he'll get on prime time tv to disspell any notion that his plan isn't what you must have. Unless he makes some kind of racist remark, then things will get a little sidetracked. But, after one of his life lessons, things will get rolling again.
More rumblings of malcontent? Dismiss it. Still more rumblings? Even louder? Sik the unions on em. Have em get it their faces. Why not? It worked in his campaign for King of the United States. Only this time, send a message. That message? Chicago style. That message.
And, so it was done in St Louis. A man handing out 'Don't Tread On Me' flags outside a townhall style meeting was knocked down in the street, beat and kicked repeatedly by goons from the SEIU. This is what it has come far. Our President getting involved with personal issues between police and his pal, and sending out hits on citizens. Not to mention his soliciting information on anyone that would dare speak out against his plans.

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