Sunday, August 30, 2009

Too Stupid To Live - One

No, not the scum that kidnapped the little girl, fathered two children with her and kept her captive for 18 years. I want that p.o.s. to live a long, long life of misery, distress and pain. Although, he certainly fits the catagory. I'm talking about local scum.
From kstp dot com. A St. Paul man is accused of ripping off his 4-year-old son's shirt and assaulting him for wearing a rival gang's color. FOUR-YEAR-OLD SON'S!!! 30-year-old Kenny T. Jackson (and I'm looking for his picture to post here) is charged with malicious punishment of a child.
The boy was hiding in his bedroom while Kenny was tearing up the house in a drug fueled rage. That's where he found the boy and ripped, RIPPED off his shirt. Police found scratches on him from the violent treatment. Kenny, of course, ran before police arrived, but they found him cowering in a car trunk like the coward he is.
I'm looking for a picture of him so people can recognize him on the street. He's a member of the Bloods (000000000000) and his son had a blue shirt on so he literally ripped it off the four-year-old's little body.
Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson - Kenny T. Jackson (a.k.a. Kenny the Koward)
Remember that name. He'll probably be wearing red.

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