Monday, June 15, 2009

My Kingdom For A Prius

I just got done watching another dissappointing race at four in the morning. (I haven't watched a live NASCAR race since VCRs sold for under 650 bucks)
I hate watching mileage races. The two best cars ran out of gas on the last lap and Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon come in first and second respectively. I don't mind so much seeing the #5 win but can't stand it when Hendricks owns the first two cars. Although, one of the cars running out of gas was also one of his. My RCR guys were no where in sight again.
There's a lot of annoying drivers these days and Carl Edwards is right up there with the worst. He jumps out of his fourth place Ford spouting off about Fords getting the best gas mileage today and everyone should go test drive one, as if the ones on the track are in any way similar to the showroom floor models. His next sentence is about how mileage races are so exciting and they really get the heart beating. Ya, right Carl. I haven't been that excited since we took the family station wagon cross country on the family vacation while checking the map for the next Texaco. This is the same Carl Edwards that pisses and moans about anybody getting their Goodyears too close and ruffling the feathers on the Aflac duck, proclaiming NASCAR has got to do something to make it safer. Maybe he should just get in that family Studebaker and head cross country. Mileage races ain't what got ya to the bigs, there nancy boy.
A mileage race is what got Tony Stewart his first points race win as an owner this year. He's another one of those guys that gets all torqued out of shape when some one dares to drive near him. Plus he's another ex-openwheeler which makes him a prissy right off the bat. AND HE'S FAT, which is why he can't partake in the openwheel tradition of climbing the fence after wins any more. HA HA

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  1. I love to watch the occasional race that comes down to fuel. Just another aspect of the sport. Its not just about turning the fastest lap, there is more to a race, like tires, fuel, knowing when to pass and when to let up...

    Jimmy Johnson said it best after the race when he said he would take the faster car with more horsepower and lose one due to fuel on occasion.

    The wife is a big Martin fan so she was happy.

    It would be great to see Gordon win another championship. The chase has not treated him well, he would have 6 under the old school rules and gunning for number 7. Like him or hate him, he is one of the best of all time.


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