Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pack Preseason And Busch Deranged Syndrome

Nice way to start out the preseason. 17-0. Rodgers took the Pack down the field on two different drives of 9 and 7 plays for a 14-0 lead before hitting the sideline. It looked like Green Bay was in mid-season form and the Browns had just decided to get a few guys together for a game of touch. They keep this up and Mangini's second team will be his last.
Dom's new (to the Pack) 3/4 defense looked quite impressive. They pressured the Browns QBs all night and came away with 2 or 3 picks.
Once the second string got in there, it looked like last season's penalty madness was still around, but McCarthy will get on em about that. It is just the first preseason game though.
How sweet was it to see Busch get shoved down the track in his attempt at a last lap win. Vickers blocks him and he's all pissed off cuz he didn't let him win. He even pulled his car in front of Vickers to bitch at him after the race. Once Vickers got his gear off and got out of his car, the cry baby got behind his crew. How sweet it's going to be when he ticks off the wrong guy and he knocks the little bitch on his ass. Turns out Hendrick really knew what he was doing getting rid of that clown. He's had a thousand chances to win races, and almost always comes in second.(or 3rd Sat. night) Always cuz somebody didn't let him win. It's like Vickers said after the race. "I'm sorry....I didn't know it was the Kyle Busch show."

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