Monday, August 17, 2009

Toyota Owns Detroit

How sweet was that, when Vickers realized he had enough gas to cross the line? How sweet was it to see Brian in that Toyota and not that little pisser Kyle Busch? For the first time in Michigan International Speedway history, Toyota wins. Vickers not only won the Cup race on Sunday, but came in 2nd in the Series race Saturday AND took both poles.
From the onset it was betwixt Jimmy Johnson and Brian Vickers, but Chad Knaus screwed the pooch again. I thought Chad was a better crewchief than that, having done the same thing earlier this year at the SAME track and at (I think) Phoenix. Note to Chad - Jimmy is not good at saving Sonoco.
It was good to see that one of the better cars won in a fuel mileage race. Mileage is the only reason Junior got his 3rd place. He had a bad vibration and had to pit early, and with a yellow coming out and many not pitting, he was able to floor it when others had to save. That's the only reason he got in the top 15.
Not only is Toyota the reigning champion of the "big three's" Michigan, they brought in four of the top ten. The way it sounds, that "big three" might soon be the "big two," as Dodge had no comment on questions about their continuing support of NASCAR.

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