Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why They Practice

Turns out not all the missiles fired by the Russians lived up to expectations. The two missile firings I posted about yesterday were of the less advanced Sineva missile. Those sneaky Ruskies have been testing the more advanced Bulava though. Seven out of eleven tries failed with the new and improved version, so more practice is in order.
Even with the low rate of successful Bulava firings, the Russians believe it will be capable of penetrating our missile defense and is a key part of the military's future nuclear arsenal. That must be why Great Leader might decide not to protect Poland and the former Czech Republics. You know, cuz Putin can get through our defense anyway. What a smart, smart leader.
A military official said the failures were due to the government rushing to overcome US developments in defense technologies. hmmmm. You think he meant the ones that Barack said he wants to dismantle? The ones that, if the Russians learn to penetrate we will be unable to reassemble or redevelop? Those technologies and defense weapons?

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