Friday, June 12, 2009

Rice Doesn't Like Kimmy's Fashion Sense

North Korea may react to new sanctions with "further provocation." (OH NOOOOO) The Security Council passed a UNANIMOUS resolution condemning North Korea for recent rocket launches and "suspected"(wtf) underground nuclear tests.
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said "there's reason to believe they may respond in an irresponsible fashion to this." Are you fricken kidding me? It never should have gotten to this point. One of our last three Presidents should have shown some cajones and knocked down any missile launching pad with a few sidewinders from a couple F-16s. A couple 500 pounders dropped from a B-1 might have hindered any production at their "nucular" facilities. The same for Imadinnerjacket except with the help of Israel on that one.
From FOX News, Rice noted that the newly-passed resolution, among other things, would restrain North Korea's ability to export nuclear contraband. U.S. officials would seek permission to board and inspect ships believed to be carrying contraband.
Seek pemission??? Unfreakin believable.
Rice also said "Iran should see that "the response from the international community has been very clear, very firm and very meaningful."
Meaningful. I'll bet the two dictators (Kimmy and Jacket, not the One) had a good chuckle after hearing that.

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