Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attention Citizens: You Are Responsible For Your Actions

From now on, if you do something as stupid as going hiking along the border of a terrorist nation, after being warned NOT to repeatedly, you're on your own. Especially along a border that has been used for smuggling drugs, people and weapons for FREAKIN CENTURIES.
Iran is holding 3 Americans for Americans for illegally entering the country, and they are investigating whether to charge them with spying. I say, "charge em". Freelance journalist Shane Bauer, Sara Shourd and Josh Fattal knew there was a good chance they would be captured but thought they were above any silly laws of TERRORIST nations. From scanning Berkeley graduate Shane Bauer's website, he probably believes that Iran is the victim among Arab nations in the mid-east and would obviously see them for their compassion and understanding of their 'victimness.' Sucks to be you Shane.
Same should have been said for the two clowns captured by North Korea. Under no circumstances, should a current or former US President be made to kiss the boots of terrorist. Think of the message this sends to the pirates in Somalia and other scum sucking bottom feeder countries/terrorists. Now they know they can somehow get the US's attention to their international criminal activities. They know that under the Obama administration, they can get a reward for their crimes. Way to go Barry. And yes, you did have a hand in making President Clinton kneel before that fat little piece of shit.
This just doesn't go for international dipshits. This goes for 73-year-old women that have been repeatedly warned not to give dog food to the bruins that live near her home north of Ouray, Colorado. The 250 pound bear was killed for doing what bears do naturally........feeding. The bear was found feeding on this idiot because it knew food could be found there. The bear isn't the one that is supposed 'know better.' The one that is supposed to 'know better', got ate.

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