Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oooh Jeeeezzzzzze!!!

I can hear Archie Bunker now. OOOh jjJJJeeeezzus! Jasaun (Jay) Boone, from the Red Star and Sickle, wants to ask Frankenslime...."what would Paul do?" He wants the new Senator* from Minnesota to be even more dopey than he is now.

To Boone, Pauly is "revered" and "embodied a rich tradition and mystique with respect to embracing progressive public policy and social agenda." (again, Archie Bunker) He believes that the Senate seat "belongs" to somebody that is more "empathetic" than Normy.

Jasaun thinks the new Senator* elect won the election because of the grass roots effort to elect a "voice for the voiceless" to Congress. I guess he didn't notice the overwhelming push for Demacrats in this state, bolstered by the Messiah, and the 'so called' Independents voting for Jesse's little buddy.

Don't get your frillys in a bunch Booney. I'm sure the Senator* elect will have the 'conscience of a liberal, so to speak. There's no doubt that the meathead is a socialist's socialist.

Hey! Here's an idea Jay. Maybe you can record a bunch of Al's greatest hits, and the Senator* elect can hand the casette tape to Joe during his swearing in. (cue Archie)

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