Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TPaw Takes A Bow

Governor Pawlenty has decided to take a bow, just when he grew a huge pair. Hmm, could one have something to do with the other, hmmm? Maybe test out the Presedente' waters, hmmm?
Regardless of the first sentence, I'm not a big Govner Timmy basher. He's done a great deal for, and didn't fotget for one minute, our troops. I still proudly display the troop plates on our car. That money goes to families of troops, which is just one of many ways our troops are getting their much deserved aid.
He's done quite a bit in naming names of elected officials stalling the process' of government. Those clogging the system seemed to outnumber or have a louder voice many times in this state though. Granted, many fees have gone up in the name of not raising taxes but imagine where we would be if he gave in or was a Dem and just went along.
He has 19 months remaining and I'm looking forward to him making those wishing for bigger government and higher taxes cringe and grind their teeth, especially Pogo. Should be kinda interesting.

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