Thursday, February 26, 2009

Government Approved Conscience

Let me introduce Nora. Nora is my representative. She represents the wishes of people in her district. I may be wrong, but I haven't heard a large uproar to stop people from smoking in their cars if they are transporting a child or minor.
Shall we outlaw sharp knives in homes where children reside? What about all those life threatening stairways. Has anyone taken into consideration what all those electrical outlets, in our homes, could do to a child should they put one of those sharp knives in one?
Let's go back to our cars. Has Nora taken into consideration what a high speed impact could do to a child? Shouldn't there be reduced speed limits for people transporting children? Shouldn't they at least be required to wear Nascar approved helmets while the car is moving?
How about just the smoking issue? Is Nora going to decide that a law should be invoked on smokers state wide that they will not smoke in homes where children reside? How long is that smoke dangerous? Will people be required to stop smoking ten hours before a child is allowed to enter it? Will smokers be banned from sidewalks that children might walk on?
Nora, you're leaving a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of holes in your quest to protect children. A lot of laws unwritten. It's not only smoking Nora. What about driving children through an industrial area of town? What about driving children past a home with a wood burning fireplace?
I know the answer Nora. Let's make common sense law. At least require people to stay within camera shot of government video cameras at all times.
UPDATE = Turns out Nora didn't get her way this time, as her proposal was voted down. Some how, I don't think this is over.

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  1. How about the proposed ban on candy in St. Paul?


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