Sunday, February 1, 2009


So Frankenslime might be taken down by the same decision that gave W the Oval Office in double ot. I can't tell you how sweet that would be to me.

What would really put the icing on the cake would be for W to call the slimester and congratulate him on his hard fought campaign. I would love to see the contortions his face would go through then.

If that were to happen though, I might have to drop my moniker of kow. (King Of the World) Naugh. I came up with that a month or so ago when it looked like Frankenslime might take the Senate seat for sure. With him in office, I would never run out of material to complain about.

Norm hasn't exactly been the kind of Senator I want, but he's better than that scardy cat Dayton. He might come out from under his desk to run for Governor and give me some more material. (not that there's a lack of material in this state) BOO! heh heh......I love doing that to him.

Then we've got Ellison, who's always good for a laugh. Mondale, Jesse, we just never run out of em.

Yup, who says times aren't good.

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