Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ann and me

Seems the day I've been dreading is very near. My Mother is refusing her meds, food and even her dentures. Ann Coulter lost her mother last week and I just came across that info a few minutes ago.

While staying in my hometown to be with Mom, I stayed in a, sort of, motel room at the nearby hospital. That room hasn't been available lately and won't be until May. That, I am certain, will be too late. Being a cripple that doesn't drive, I don't have many choices in that area as the nearest motel/hotel is thirty something miles away.

In Ann's column she talks about the last time she saw "her beautiful face". I remember the last time I saw Mom's beautiful face. I was at the door to her room in the nursing home. I waited there until she gave me a faint smile, then turned away to leave. That memory is burned into my brain and will never leave. Her beautiful face.

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