Friday, February 13, 2009


What? Not quite the image you had in mind? That's the heart I'm thinking of right now. With the country heading the way it is, a lot of these will stop for no reason. Wait a minute, I take that back. For horrible reasons. In the (so called) stimulous bill is hidden the beginnings of socialist's healthcare. Gone unchecked, some one in the government will decide who gets what care, what pills and what treatment. Your doctor, that you've been seeing for years if not your life, won't have the choice of giving you life saving advice or help. You will be given the standard pill that Capitol Hill has decided you take. You might not even be seeing that doctor any more. You might be getting on a bus and traveling far away to have your orders stamped and processed and given photo copied instructions for your treatment.
Thankfully the Valentine that I will be traveling to see this coming week, didn't have to go through that nightmare. She is 88 with failing health in a nursing home. The same one that Kent Hrbek's Wife's Grandmother stayed in, she likes to recall. She's a big Minnesota Twins fan and rarely misses a game on tv. She really loved it when Kent came to visit his Grandmother Inlaw until her passing.
She has more than 88 years of memories but it looks like that may come to an end soon. She couldn't have done it without the help of small town doctors, nurses and aids. After a terrible fall in her home years ago, her healthcare was taken over. She has been able to live on and create many more memories with people she has grown old with and has become a part of her family. All of which could never have happened in our near future.
Please, everyone that reads this, fight to keep our healthcare in our hands. Life doesn't end because we can't produce a widgit anymore, and shouldn't be thrown away. Life is too important. My Valentine's weakly beating heart is too important. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day Mom.

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