Saturday, January 31, 2009


So this guy rides into town on his nag after doing chores and gets pulled over by the coppers.

What's going on when a guy can't ride his horse into town without being harrassed by the government? Fer cryin out loud, it's Wyoming. This ditz Nora Slawik wants to make it illegal to smoke in our own cars if we have a minor in the car. When is the law going to get their noses out of my business?

You knew they weren't going to stop with outlawing smoking in a bar. SMOKING IN A BAR fer crise sake. Don't worry that most of the people they hurt are small town bar owners. Ya, it hurt some of the city parlors, but if you've got a large base to choose from you'll find a way to get people in your joint.

Now I quit smoking a couple years ago when I got tired of stopping in Wisconsin on the way home from the Grandkids', but smoking isn't the issue. It's people like Nora that just have to keep pushing their way into my life.

Granted, some people are just too stupid to raise children, but that's another show, but that doesn't give Nora the right to stick her nose in everyone's business.

The clown in Wyoming shouldn't have been riding his horse into town, especially in a snow storm, but what happened to just taking him home to bed and putting his horse up?

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