Monday, May 18, 2009


It's only fitting my first post on the Pack is about Brett. After all, he is thee quarterback's quarterback. Since 92 he's had Packer fans jumping up with the touchdown signal.

Today it's the queen fans hoping he has a little of that school yard magic left. It sounds like Brett has to meet with a surgeon to determine the severity of the repair to his semi-torn bicep.

For all he has done for us Pack fans, I hope his dreams to come back are realized, just not against us. I also hope that his reputation isn't tarnished any more, like it was with the Jets last year. He gave us 17 years that most football fans (like queen fans) only dream of. I'll never forget that cold January night in 97, when we danced in the streets of Hudson Wisconsin, mooning all the cars with mud duck plates. I can only hope that Brett will never be as embarrassed.


  1. Now it all makes're a P-a-c-k-e-r-s fan...
    GO BEARS!!!

  2. The bears still suck, the bears still suck.


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